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  • predator vision – predator vision – new images

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    Recorded November 10th, 2007
    Western Mass

    Edition of 20.

    early matt mondanile(ducktails, real estate) project

  • ducktails – killin the vibe – new images

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    Limited to 500 copies.

  • ducktails – landscapes – oesb

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    “Stories are forever and i got to get back to PIPELINE, which is hitting the screen right now, and its definitely not about surfing and reminds charles of when Ebay and you stayed at the new york dante’s microchip apartment and it was so hot and you guys passed out next to each other in your undies exclusively like siamese pipeline limbo style, if i had hoagie it would have been chazzi to chucky in like 4 doners and sixty seckies.”

  • the report V.II – book + cd + dvd

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    The Report V.II is a multi-media bundle that examines our tendencies and infatuations, from typeface to virtual lives to false manipulations to agrammatical essays to screw remixes to hyperlinks…it’s all here.

    You’ll find a lot of the usual players currently dabbling in all sorts of warped digital realms– Dan Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never, Games), Emilie Friedlander (Visitation Rites, Altered Zones, La Big Vic), Christian “Megazord” Oldham, Iasos, Laurel Halo, etc, etc. Unfortunately Brandon McCarthy, better known as @LILBTHEBASEDGOD, was too busy on Twitter to contribute.

    Contributing Writers:
    Daniel Lopatin, Cameron Stallones, Jesse Jarnow, Daniel Bachman, Nate Grace, Emilie Friedlander, Curtis Knapp, Michael McGregor

    Contributing Artists:
    Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Brenna Murphy, Christelle Gualdi, Christian “Megazord” Oldham, Daniel White, E*Rock, Hydrothermal Emerald, Jon Rafman, Julien Laugier, Massimiliano Bomba/Rawraw, Michelle Ceja, Productlaneevol, Push the Button, Stephanie Davidson, Yannick Val Gesto

    Mixtape Tracklist:
    Side A
    La Big Vic – Bobka Jam
    Laurel Halo – Supersymmetry
    Airbird – Surfer Girl
    Dent Sweat – I Don’t Mind
    Ducktails – Dorm Room
    Buffalo Moon – Low Tide Moon
    Velvet Davenport – Never Ending Days
    Chuck Persons – Lightning Strikes

    Side B
    Young Prisms – Untitled
    Big Troubles – Cobalt (demo)
    The Twerps – Self Assured
    Speculator – Dreams
    Alex Bleeker – Time Cloud
    Zonotope™ – On My Planet
    Sacred Harp – Feast Of The Green Corn
    Dolphins into the Future- Ke Ala Ke Kua

    Contributing Video Artists:
    Amy Ruhl (excerpts from How Mata Hari Lost Her Head & Found Her Body, scored by Julian Lynch, Samantha Cromwell (live video of Speculator), Laurel Halo (video feedback piece), Ray Concepcion (live video of Julian Lynch), Christian “Megazord” Oldham (video for Dolphins into the Future), Maia Stern (live video of La Big Vic), Ryan Hover (video remix of Candy Claws song)

  • egyptian sports network – interstitial luxor – new images ltd / pacific sound visons

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    New Satellite transmissions recorded in Pacific City Sound Visions Studio by Matt Mondanile of Ducktails and Spencer Clark of Pacific City Sound Visions. This futuristic tale of a Zero Gravity Sports network’s soundtrack being transmitted from the Olympic Space Station via Satellite feed, revealing an intuitive feel for the grace and immensity of space when brought into conjuction with the next advent in TRANSGLOBAL SPORTS NEWS Interstitial music. Five pieces of high energy portal from the difficult listening and metallic abstraction of “2042 Zero G Olypmics” to the Global Space Station Club Hit “JAI-LAi Nightclub”. A modern soundtrack to a film such as Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos”, ESN combines the the tele-prompt madness of current Global Sports Network with that of the blissful repetitions of 70’s Minimalism. Think SPORTSCENTER, but Intuit the the stream of your consciousness fed through satellites as it breaks through into the ether. “Like Christine Amanpour on Acid” , quoted from BBC ANALYST.
    (45rpm)New Images 19/Pacific City SOund VIsions 18