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  • dylan ettinger – cutters

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    The debut LP from, Dylan Ettinger, tredges similar ground to recent releases on Not Not Fun and his own El Tule label, but turns it up a notch or two ands throws down for the ultimate Midwest dance-off. An ode to bicycle riding, “Cutters” is a party needing an empty barn. Disheveled beats and whirling casio exploits find a home painted in electrosonics and totally dial in. This is a ride for sure.

    Hints and silent winks toward Perrey & Kingsley (“Fallout” anyone?) can be heard through the cracks, but Ettinger is definitely sailing his own cosmic sea. The hooks come from out of nowhere, unexpected but wholly welcome as they quixotically etch themselves into your brain. You won’t look back once you’ve been completely enveloped inside the springtime haze. “Cutters” is meant for riding – hop on your bike and go. Underwater keys illuminate your path as this effervescent soundtrack unfolds. Again, the minimal pop influences sculpt these tracks into sounds that may be lost in the city but are definitely dreaming of the ocean.

    Ettinger has definitely arrived (on two wheels, no less) and wants to sing you into a better, sunnier place. Echo-soaked worldless vocals welcome you home along side bubbling synth melodies. You won’t be pummeled by the beats, but you will drown with them. “Cutters” will run you ragged, work your muscles into the ground. Truly. It’s a good time to be alive.

    Vinyl only. Edition of 150 copies. 

  • dylan ettinger – lifetime of romance – nnf

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    Heartland synthesist Dylan Ettinger follows up 2010’s widely lauded New Age Outlaws imaginary cyber-soundtrack with a stark, dark, and intensely different collection of misshapen new wave weirdnesses, Lifetime Of Romance. Recorded at a proper studio, and written over the course of a year, the seven songs of Romance reflect a heavy influence from the fringier strains of bummed out quasi-industrial synth-pop in the vein of Fad Gadget, certain Cabaret Voltaire, early Human League, etc, but dragged through his own warped, wonky filter. The approaches vary radically, from abandoned factory dirges (“Sport And Superstion,” “Maude”) to dubbed-out man-machine paranoia (“Disparager”) to bouncy sine-wave robot radio singles (“Arco Iris,” “Blue and Blue”) and general electronic workshop exploration (“18.0”). It’s always to be heralded when an artist braves terrain they haven’t traversed yet, so it’s a kick to hear Ettinger’s secret circuitry language channeled into the pop architectures of twisted synth-wave melancholia for the first time. Another engaging step by an always intriguing American original. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with synthesizer trio cover photography by Michael Anderson. Edition of 600.