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  • ed yazijian – untitled – old catlett caretaker

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    A few summers back I saw Ed Yazijian play an amazing set along w/dredd foole at the inner mountain festival. I was pretty blown away by that show, so ive been anticipating a new release from Ed ever since.

    Word came out of South Carolina of a tape coming out so we grabbed a few

    Definite different vibes than what i was expecting but that’s quite all right.

    Guitar, fiddle, drums & more.
    Ed’s playing at the inner mountain fest was really perfect anchor point for dredd foole’s performance and fit so well. And that same subtle vibe comes through here as well. I want to go into using some descriptions like southern boogie, porch blues and so on but there’s something more going on here. Some ties to Henry Flynt’s back porch hillbilly blues but more laid back, more boogie.