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  • morae – affine transformation – self released

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    morae is a collaborative project with kyle b. iman (emuul) on guitar and matthew t. kenall (hemosis.bandcamp.com) playing modular synthesizer.

    affine transformation was self-released in an edition of 50 copies.

  • emuul / hemosis – split – self released

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    this collection brings together previously unreleased tracks which were recorded between summer 2009 and spring 2010.

    it was self-released as part of a split cassette with Hemosis (hemosis.bandcamp.com), and is limited to 50 copies.

  • emuul -free structures: what we thought when we thought the world was shifting under our feet

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    Like a spinning ribbon, powered by the present shapes with side sky moving existence struggling. The reality around us is what is heard and the stories passed on with the present is all I know and that I am pleased.

  • emuul – waiting for winter – avant archive

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    Emuul’s Kyle Iman is a quiet champion of quietness. His works to date have exhibited this kind of subtle presence wherein time slows down a little and reference points are not easily set. Often working with synthesizers, some of Emuul’s most effective pieces have been those in which the least movement occurs. On Waiting for Winter, Iman eschews his synthesizers in favor of the electric guitar and some variation on his synthetic stasis. This album’s side-long introduction, “Blurring the Nights” is a terrifically dynamic piece that stretches from the quiet guitar hum you might recognize into a frantic sonic mantra, culminating in the integration of some expert guest drumming. On the B-side Kyle airs it out a bit with four short pieces that set more somber moods. Naturally driven guitars are dipped in equal parts delay and reverb. With these airs, Emuul returns to the kind of stasis that you might have recognized from his past excursions, but perhaps these are his most successful pieces yet. Not only do they captivate and affect the slowing of time, they’re also incredibly sweet and natural sounding, fully identifiable and earnest. Here is simply a man playing guitar simply, with no shroud of mystery or murk. Waiting for Winter is a guitar album and it demonstrates that the success of this