esther chlorine

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  • esther chlorine – donkey disc

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    entropic post-coital papacy ritual, dank pond moss reflections and shrunken head chatter tenderly eviscerate a hallowed ground of cracked earthen thrones. inner miasma of dung beetle lifecycles and botched paganism filtered through a crumbling lattice of luminescent foliage
    c90, 2012

  • esther chlorine – penumbra – of plants

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    Pro-dubbed cassette in spraypainted cardboard box with art booklet.

    Greg Garbage – tapes, collage
    Brendan Landis – guitar, koto, collage

    “Esther Chlorine is Bay Area-based Greg Garbage (Black Thread, Vibrating Garbage, et. al.) and Brooklynite Brendan Landis (Hey Exit, It Breaks). The duo’s latest Penumbra tape (streaming below) brings us an unearthed recording from 2011 via Landis’ own Of Plants label. Landis manipulates a guitar, doing things that sound more like breaking it than playing it, and plays various other random objects, including slinky, bouncing rubber balls, pencils, water bottles, his throat, et cetera. Greg Garbage takes a similar role but his primary instrument is tape loops. Turmeric Magnitudes, Garbage’s label, has also recently put out a split tape featuring Esther Chlorine and Dark Spring. If you’re on the east coast, hopefully you caught them on tour this summer and hit up their merch table. I caught them at their last three shows (in two nights) of the tour, in Greg’s home state of Maryland, and I can’t praise the experience enough — they are a sight and sound to behold.” – secret decoder