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  • evan miller – transfigurations on lap-steel guitar – arbor

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    Iowa City’s Evan Miller is never one to stay in the same rut for too long. His earlier releases were composed of Fahey-esque spells, heavily emotional acoustic guitar work emanating tones of nostalgia and simplicity. On “Transfigurations” a new zone is crafted with lap-steel guitar and tape collage, creating equally nostalgic music from the other end of the spectrum: delicate, minimal drones. Tones interweave and textures evolve: it is Evan’s most personally progressive work, combining past themes and reinterpreting them on another medium: electric lap-steel guitar. Mastered by Pete Swanson. In an edition of 450 full color pro-printed cardboard LP sleeves and printed labels designed by Jeff Witscher (Secret Abuse / Callow God).

  • evan miller – contacting the eye – gel tapes

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    The folk instrument may sound abandoned, but these very clean compositions from Evan Miller display a different instrumental integrity. Melody is stripped away which reveals very focused arrangement of harmonics and drones that live in the now. These tracks offer something invaluably refreshing from this traditionally finger-plucking performer.