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  • expo ’70 ‎– psychosis – peasant magik

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    Recorded July 2008.
    Mastered at Infrasonic Mastering, 2008.
    Edition of 500 copies on 180 gram vinyl. Packaged in a color jacket with obi strip and poster.

  • expo 70 – center of the earth – sonic meditations

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    sonic meditations 01
    on reel-to-reel hubs

  • expo 70 – filer a l’Anglaise – deep distance

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    Next up on Deep Distance following a full sold out back catalogue thus far (Kosmonaut / JD Emmanuel / Kohn etc) is the long promised mighty new EXPO 70 full length. Released as a pressing of 500 only on mauve, red and black splatter wax with embossed DD insert…

    The LP features 3 extended jams from the latter days of the working relationship between mainman Justin Wright and Matt Hill (prior to his wonderful recordings under the ‘Umberto’ moniker). Recently unearthed by Justin specifically for this vinyl release (although watch out for an extended version for cassette only later) the set starts with the wonderful zoned out pulse of “Acerbic Lament” interspersed by JW’s piercing guitar tones and textures.

    “Winter of Discontent” is more organic, otherworldly and in places reminiscent of some of the early Popol Vuh catalogue. The reverse features the epic sidelong “Ceremony of the Blind”; constituting 3 parts and to these ears represents one of the finest sides to the huge Expo 70 catalogue. A compelling cosmic soundscape punctuated by evolving waves of carefully constructed synth and guitar drone with flurries of percussive pulse, particularly on the closing section “Eternal The Night”.

    Another essential addition to the ever growing Expo 70 collection- a one off pressing on gorgeous coloured wax with 2 inserts in awesome JW designed sleeve, expected to sell out quickly…

  • expo 70 / plankton wat – split – debacle records

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    Orchestrated by Debacle Records proprietor Sam Melancon, this split 12” between Portland’s Dewey Mahood, aka Plankton Wat, and Justin Wright, aka Expo ‘70, was opportune to say the least – he caught an interview with Mahood, who expressed interest in working with Wright, in the abstract, and stepped things up by putting the two in touch. Wright now performs in a touring trio and the recent shift in Mahood’s direction, since leaving Eternal Tapestry and settling into the stylistic direction of his Mirror Lake EP for Sound of Cobra, makes the timing of the collaboration even more appropriate, coming at a crux point for both projects. In execution, the two sides of the split acquire distinct characters; Wright’s work darker than Mahood’s organic compositions, despite any sense that pairing the two would yield overt similarities. Wright moves forward on loops, blistering drones, here and there a cascade of synths, while Mahood sets a less rigorous pace and offsets it initially with psychedelic eddies, plucked strings that reverberate through open space ricocheting off the edges of more densely packed drones. A more charged place to locate the meat of their collaboration, Wright’s explicit nostalgia acts as an oblique interrogation of agency in Mahood’s introspection Though the body of his songs are very different from Wright’s work, the two sections hinge effectively on Mahood’s first piece; an unintended bridge, before he immerses himself more fully in the depths of British folk rock. Together, the split reveals the substantial, dynamic energy that both men build into their music. Expo ‘70 continues to prepare new collaborations, while Mahood is preparing a new album, Drifter’s Temple, with Thrill Jockey — to be released September 17th.

  • expo 70 – black out – debacle records


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    Two live sets from the 2009 East Coast tour that spawned the Immune 2xLP, “Where Does Your Mind Go?”, between the touring duo of Justin Wright and Matt Hill (Umberto). Track 1 consist of the stellar set from Ithaca, NY two days prior to the Immune Recording, headliners were Blues Control that night. Track 2 is the last set the duo played the last day of tour in the afternoon at WNYU in Manhattan, NY on less sleep than you can imagine. This set of live shows aptly named “Blackout” after a show at the now defunct New Market Hotel as part of an anti-CMJ show where the duo blacked out, probably scaring half the people responsible for the venue and show.
    released 25 January 2011
    Justin Wright: Electric Guitar, Realistic Moog

  • expo 70 – where does your mind go – immune recordings

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    Since 2003 Justin Wright’s Expo 70 project has been pushing drone and Kosmiche Musik to new realms, creating a layered world of sound that brings the listener to alien lands and foreign terrain while maintaining a dreamlike quality with shifting melodies and moods. Constant touring and a string of critically acclaimed albums released on labels such as Kill Shaman, Beta-lactam Ring, and Peasant Magik have clearly brought Expo 70’s name to the forefront of modern drone and Kosmiche Musik.

  • pulse emitter / date palms / expo 70 / faceplant – 4 way split

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    ***lps were damaged in shipping and have dinged/squashed corner. Price has been lowered***

    SIDE A :
    Pulse Emitter – Bioluminescence (8:45)
    Pulse Emitter – Photosynthesis (8:38)

    SIDE B :
    Date Palms – Night Riding The Skyline (14:21)

    SIDE C :
    Expo 70 – Closet Full Of Candles (8:55)
    Expo 70 – Electrifying Energy at the Gates of Life (14:16)

    SIDE D :
    Faceplant – Aggression (5:58)
    Faceplant – Sensation (7:00)
    Faceplant – Sedation (8:06)

    This four way split 2xLP features exclusive full sides of material from Pulse Emitter, Date Palms, Expo 70, and Faceplant (Aaron Coyes of Peaking Lights).

    The material was mastered and cut to vinyl by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at D&M in Berlin and pressed to high quality virgin vinyl at RTI. The 2xLP is packaged in a beautiful uncoated stock jacket featuring visual artwork by Will Hutchinson and is limited to only 1,000 copies worldwide with a free download coupon.