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  • floris vanhoof- the wonderful world of well sounding voltages and projected light – taping policies

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    Dual Universal

    Music For Moving Lamps
    The Perforator
    Smeltende Film
    Space Noise with Takashi Makino
    Woolen Graphic Scores
    Film as Idea Generator / Strepen


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  • floris vanhoof – unstopable – self released

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    Slapback For The Guitar Player Who At A Concert Taped A Big Analog Clock To A Mic Stand Near Him, To See Where He Was Going, Or
    Doing Too Much At Once, So When You Enter A Room & Forget What You Were Going To Do There, Or Being Much Like Time Itself

  • floris vanhoof – hootcha

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    Known for his energetic live performances with homemade synths, tape echoes and 16mm film acrobatics Belgian Floris Vanhoof knows how to surprise spectators and himself on repeat. On this recording acoustic instruments like gongs and strings meet warping electronics in refreshingly open and fluctuating compositions. On the A side a sweet electronic melody suddenly fades to one channel, whilst on the other appears what seems to be the sound of random zapping through TV channels. On side B a mutated rhythmic monster, walls of synth are floating in steadily shapeshifting patterns into a joyful delirium. Floris has previously released cassettes on Taped Sounds, Breaking World Records and a LP on Ultra Eczema.
    yellow C40 in stencilprinted cover