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  • former selves – morriña – auasca

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    An opus to loneliness and isolation.

    Auasca is proud to present 2 new pieces from Former Selves (Paul Skomsvold).

    Morriña, the Galician word from the region in Spain, used to describe an intense longing for something that is no longer there. Like being homesick.

    Arriving in Spain with no instruments, field recordings from daily walks in the Spanish countryside form the base of this album. Field recordings were arranged into compositions before hitting a single note of an instrument.
    released January 20, 2016

    Mastered by John Bohannon

  • hakobune / oliwa / former selves / panabrite – oceanic triangulation – inner islands

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    c22 + c37 cassette

    “Reflection, buoyance, serenity, and wonder.”

    Music by Hakobune, Oliwa, Former Selves, and Panabrite.
    Photography by Marlene Parra.
    Artwork and layout by Sean Conrad.
    released 25 August 2014

  • quiet evenings / former selves – split – constellation tatsu

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    Descend into the deeply personal sound of Quiet Evenings and experience music in both time and space. Gradually resurface on the sustained, perfumed bubble of Former Selves’ soporific harmonies.

  • former selver / aloonaluna – our air / visitors – cosmic winnetou

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    there is a poem from a childhood friend that always stuck with me. at night when I see the moon, or when I look at the sun directly in its eye, I sometimes still recall it. in this particular poem, it charts the unrequited love of the sun and the moon. oh, how the sun and the moon chase each other around the earth in the cosmos, never to really meet. how different but yet similar the two are, both with their varying lights and gravitational pulls on earth. the musical projects former selves and aloonaluna play out some similar scenario, as sun and moon, piecing together their own star-crossed variants of light and gravity. here on this split we have an intersection of sun and moon; the space where they meet. perhaps its those last few moments before the sun sneaks past the horizon, eyeing that graying moon.
    remember, novalis said “we dream of a journey through the universe. but is the universe then not in us? inward goes the secret path.” so come on, don’t hesitate, be romantic. the truest beauty awaits you.

  • former selves – sunyata – patient sounds

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    SUNYATA : ascending and descending. A new full length cassette from Forrmer Selves. A journey into and out of a depth. Explore the space on the very event. Can you reach your mind past the edge and look back into the world? Let the pit fall into your stomach and slowly float back out of safety.

    This edition of 100 cassettes (cold clay c30) come with 2 versions of artwork, all using photography by Ana Cabalerio. Both versions of the artwork are full color front and back jcards. The tapes will also have full color labels.

  • former selves – on forgetting and letting go – lillerne tapes

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    Paul Skomsvold’s Former Selves project never fails to deliver those moments of deep reflection and emotional response, but this release in particular has even more weight and personal narrative buried between the cracks. Each track is an exercise in uplifting ambience blended with hopeless feelings and somber moments alone in one’s head. Gorgeous, textured synth lines wrapped up in thoughtful and staggeringly profound moments that never exist as long as you want. Real catharsis achieved through building up and letting go. Edition of 75, home-dubbed cassettes.

  • former selves, lace bows, branches & the exhalers – tour split – exo tapes

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    Exo Cdr 000

    Tour Cd with exclusive tracks from Former Selves, Lace Bows, Branches & The Exhalers

    Ltd. edition of 25

    Artwork by Whatever™

  • former selves / the original flowering earth – split – planted tapes

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    we’re really excited to bring you this very new, very green (see below) cassette tape from two very good friends of ours, Oakland’s Former Selves (Paul Skomsvold) and Colorado Springs’ The Original Flowering Earth (Kyle Wade). Both sides are exercises perfect for a chilly, snowy April season: This one is about patience, people… for the warmth. The warmth that is coming. Skomsvold’s pastel smears feel like they’re constantly searching for points of release while remaining in a fluid sort of homeostasis—an ever-thawing melt of frozen harmonics that radiate with an inner heat. On the flip, it’s Wade’s meandering meditations that wander through aimless dream states, complete with beautiful folk guitar passages, field recordings, and an unsettling bridge of neuron-zapping noise.

  • former selves – in passing – hi shadow records

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    Recorded in Oakland, CA in early 2012, In Passing features some of Paul Skomsvold’s most entrancing work yet. Guitar and synths pass over each other weaving spectral trails that relinquish themselves as nurturing melodies. Compositions wave goodbye as they drift away from you, like a fading moment that fights to hold sentiment among your memories, somehow. Skomsvold’s vision on In Passing crafts a sort of “post-nostalgia”, there is no better or worse time, there is only now, then, and what is to come.

  • former selves – calico sunset – sic sic tapes

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    Former Selves are bioluminescent entities.
    They’re glowing forever in your memory and shape your state of mind.
    Embodied cognition. Don’t be afraid.