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  • fossils / ghost moth – split

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    Both create atmospheric spontaneous primitivist jamms from junk and homemade electronics. Ghost Moth is a trio that features multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter, a long time veteran of NYC’s avant-garde. They open their side with a with a clarinet-led ecstatic ripper before collaging into a hissy live damaged flute jammy and lastly groping a clanging broken-scaper laced with late-night trumpet. Fossils begin their side with random scrapes and bluesey reverberations before heading into abstract scuzz and ghostly haunts. 

  • fossils – scarface – blackest rainbow

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    Al (David) Payne, (Johnny) Scarr Pacino, and Tony (Scott) Johnson jam it out like true gang starrrz. Recorded in September ’07. Strum, hum and squeak… chalk board screech etched with bling bling, guns, drugs, and all things old skool unfuckablewith y’know? Total weirderess. Blue tapes, and fucking weird ass black and white cover star Scarr Pacino, totally murked on da booze in Shotingham… Limited to 50 copies, and dat’s dat.

  • fossils – jinx blues – mjc

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    bench grinder duo of Payne and Michalchuk play strange fossils sounds
    side A gives 15 minutes of tape/sax attack recorded in warped off winter winds nov ’10.
    Michalchuk’s sax (both raw and Payne processed) matched by reel-to-reel with found tapes.
    stereo mix by payne aug. the rest of the tape is cut from one summer session;
    short-wave transmissions, soul-bowed, recycled ambience. awake snoring dinosaur!
    full color covers
    limited to 17