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  • gas gathers hands gathers friends / jugu – split – vanishing hour revival

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    ..Gathers Hands Gathers Friends offers a side-long walk through hallowed groves, at an easy pace. Wind blows softly through the blooming willow, gifts of petals at our feet. amidst the sanguine forest stream a weaver sets on bow of strings. Let the reever in, a voice from the shadows to burrow your thought canals like trumpets of Islam.
    Jugu’s Jungleyard Junkgyms. setting for a reveal scene. pop whispers and warbally manghoo. whatatum hwatutu. spring back the nedverlever singalong. aural tickling the voice of anuir. feed the expression of our love for you. we want to hold you so dear and true, forever parting ways.
    Cassettes are painted and color labeled and housed in hand made box cases with full color wrap-around art.