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  • gasoline gathers hands, gathers friends

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    This record was pressed in a strict limited edition of 300.
    “Hamilton, Ontario trio Gasoline Gathers Hands, Gathers Friends wouldn’t be unable to mystify without their bleary fidelity, but they would incite a different strain. Their self-titled debut is comprised of such incomparable moments, with the hiss of a 4-track and wooded guitar tone anchoring its intimacy. What lurks behind the gently galloping arpeggios of “For A Moment” is almost inexplicable; be it a creaking chair, rattling microphone, or tape malfunction, it provides a lilt that presses itself against the ear when Johnson whispers “I can feel your voice when I’m here.” It’s an overwhelming closeness that tiptoes over the threshold of unease, which peers over these 13 songs, no matter how resplendent a melody may become (“Port of What Comes”, “Across the Board of Men”).

    Gasoline Gathers Hands, Gathers Friends has been long-awaited, after having performed local shows, released cassettes, and posted music videos for years now. Having known certain songs from it (including “…the Failure of Your Painted Heart Reminds Me of the Sun” and “For A Moment”) for nearly just as long, the album feels like a relic and will even translate as such for those unfamiliar with GGHGF. Alongside the withering analog is the songwriting’s lonesome, archaic air, carried by the interweaving melodies and ghostly falsetto that dwell within. Its aged spirit will loom over you even after the needle leaves the groove.”
    -carter mullin