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  • geoff mullen – wind chimes – rare youth

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    “Limited pressing of 250 copies, on clear vinyl. Wind Chimes gathers material from a recent sound installation and performance. Following up on his last LP, Filtered Water, Mullen continues to use site-specific recordings as a means to explore the sonic characteristics of a given space; yet here the focus is on the idea of feedback-as-process. Using field recordings and staged acoustic environments, Wind Chimes introduces us to a familiar object – in this case, a pair of mass-produced bamboo wind chimes – and listens as they undergo a series of sonic and spatial manipulations. The original sounds are copied and altered, and eventually re-amplified in different spaces, until new forms emerge and collide with both real and manufactured fidelities. The LP version is presented as a series of miniatures, cut in mono, with liner notes and links to additional audio for a wide range of home-listening possibilities. Ideal for blending with your own home-electronics, HVAC’s, and outdoor wildlife. Each record is housed in a white tip-on sleeve and comes with a color paste-on and insert.”

  • any given sunday – agents of chaos

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    collaboration between keith whitman & geoff mullen. perfectly paced
    side long pieces. slow rhythms, rising & falling cascades of synth
    voices, moments of waiting & diving back in. I’ve been playing this a
    lot lately, in the afternoon.

  • geoff mullen – accidental guitars – rel records

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    geoff mullen presents a new side of his ever-changing and open language, dealing here with his rawest material to date, and in many ways finding himself in a homecoming to the guitar. on ‘accidental guitars’ geoff expands his instrumental language with his unique variety of invented, accident-prone technique. re-contextualized live performances are filtered through an intuitive sense of form and pretexts, leaving us with an intense, jarring, pointed, and textural compositional language. with little more than an electric guitar, he conjures abstract formations and clattering percussive tones that are starkly contrasted with tape hiss and sudden echoplex’d delay. sustains calm the mood throughout and create a beautiful and oddly soothing atmosphere that seems to move in all directions at once. the music on ‘accidental guitars’ has an ability of creating form out of being lost, and achieves a lucidity through this sense. this record is a unique document, finding geoff between forms and excepted styles, and seeing him off, once again, in another new and exciting direction in his music.

  • geoff mullen – alone and in a room

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    A collection of live performances by Providence, Rhode Island’s Geoff Mullen. His first solo release for Ekhein following a recent string of releases on the Rel and Draft labels. Featuring sets at Cafe Fixe, Zebulon, and The Aviavry as well as percussion sources by Eli Keszler (who features Geoff on his recent “Cold Pin” LP on Pan). Blurring the lines between tape collage and live instrumentation, Mullen is no stranger to improvisation in the live setting, performing in many groups and collaborations over the years (and just recently going on his first European tour). His talent for creating minimal, at times deeply chaotic tension, yet maintaining complete control is without a doubt on full display here.