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  • german army – general survey on growing concerns – metaphysical circuits

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    Entering its fourth year of existence, Metaphysical Circuits finally has a German Army release for your perusal. Here, GeAr are a duo – P(eter) K(ris) and GT – wheeling and weaving minimalist cogs and cogitations; eerie synth quilts and dark-matter atmospheres; druggy dungeon dirges. Fuzzy on the surface; rewarding with deeper immersion (headphones and/or head-shop hauls?)

  • german army – yanomami – sacred phrases

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    Since first establishing its elusive roots in some undetermined location in 2011, German Army has led a darkly addicting, fascinatingly consistent run of surreal dirges on some of the most revered outsider imprints in the game, including Night People, A Giant Fern, Monofonus, Skrot Up, Burka For Everybody, and Yerevan Tapes. Peter Kris, the project’s “known” bandleader, brandishes a flurry of post-industrial vignettes, tinged with dubby effects, atonal clatter, and shimmering, uncanny beauty. On ‘Yanomami,’ German Army tightens its approach to hypnotic, vaguely plunderphonic approach to its signature rhythmic sound collages. Tracks like “Serve in Aramaic,” “Tomochic Rebellion,” and “Advanced Prophecy” speak to scenes both doomed and hopeful, churning through bleak beats and flanked by distorted odds and ends. “Blue Gold Show” and “Copyist” channel some spiritual cousin to Cabaret Voltaire, Ministry, Seefeel, careening in a metallic drift of mechanical movements and blissful melodies. ‘Yanomami’ is the latest chapter in German Army’s sublimely sardonic campaign.

  • germany army – pennantia – 905 tapes

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    C28, edition of 75 copies
    released 24 October 2014

    GeAr is
    Peter Kris and Norm Heston

    Recorded in Riverside with additional field recordings from Organ Pipe, Big Bend, Silver City, Terlingua, and Ajo