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  • giant claw – deep thoughts – orange milk records

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    silver cassette

  • giant claw – 22m never felt so alone – suite 309

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    Four dancefloor anthems like only Keith Rankin can deliver. Plays like a 12″ of extended Giant Claw dance mixes.

  • giant claw – impossible chew – field hymns

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    The sunrise dawns over an earlier Miami, black-purple turning to pink then to yellow-white as flamingos stretch and go about their morning, poking around the mangrove shoots and cattail stands. Girls in bikinis rollerblade around canals with pink Bollés & headphones the size of shooting cans strapped across their tightly permed dull, bronze skulls, never seeing the massive figure coming from the river bottom, cold & dirty with a perverse lust his only sustenance. One by one they fall under his command and turn north into the city to feast on the innocent…

  • giant claw – clash of moons – bridgetown

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  • giant claw – mortal earth / morbid earth – retrograde tapes

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    Giant Claw is admittedly a hard sound to define. Incredibly atmospheric, yet too involved to simply label as ambient or mere synth jams. Prog elements weave in & out of synth vectors & arpeggiation, but with a light-heartedness devoid of over-showmanship or tacky kitsch. Bright, often dramatic, and always lush, each side finds Giant Claw’s captivating world unfold in almost orchestral arrangements uncaring of where they’re headed while defying any sort of neat categorization like a shimmering sound vessel shot off as a treat for anyone lucky enough to find it.

  • giant claw – max mutant – tranquilty tapes

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    Half of Cream Juice and Orange Milk Records as well as one hell of a visual artist, Keith Rankin has shred his way across many cassetes and several vinyl releases over the past few years as Giant Claw. An unbelievably nimble musician on many different instruments, Rankin applies his techniques and throws some choice genres into a blender on Max Mutant. Dashes of library music, minimal techno, and sci-fi soundtracks are tossed into the mix, but a heavy element of free jazz dominates throughout. Rankin adds sampled and live drums as well as other percussive elements to the synth onslaught for ferocious results. Each track unfolds at a breakneck pace, barely giving the listener a moment to breath as Rankin twists keys and skins together into an intense stampede of sound that can stop and start on a dime. The release couldn’t be more aptly named, as this is truly music at its most maxed out and mutated…served up for your pleasure. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • giant claw – haunted planet – wool recordings

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    Limited to 250 copies 12″. Special full-color design by Keith Rankin. For fans of Can/Terry Riley/Krautrock/early electronic music. Blogged by Altered Zones, Decoder Magazine, 20jazzfunkgreats, etc., Giant Claw is multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Keith Rankin’s synth-exploration project, and the music is an homage to early electronic music and also a contemporaneous and visionary work. Keith co-runs Orange Milk Records. Altered Zones: “builds through the accumulation of synth motif upon synth motif, enticing a theatrical and fantastical experience nothing short of a Mega Man boss theme.”