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  • glochids – venutian formula – phinery tapes

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    Venutian Formula is marked as the first album by Glochids (James Roemer) to contain no field recordings. It is the first to feature unadorned kick drum samples, MIDI instrumentation, bowed styrofoam, modular synthesis, AM radio drift, reverb, distortion, and live performance recordings as collage elements.

    Discrete samples of Roemer’s voice form the basis of most tracks on the album; all other acoustic sources are absent. All sounds have thus far only existed internally before reaching the listener, modulated electricity and breath that has never been played into a room until reaching the end-user’s speaker. Listen on earbuds and it will have never been externalized: direct parietal connection. Composed through 12 months of handling amphibians, departing the Sonoran desert, continuous chance sightings of Venus at dawn, and engaging in new forms of non-linear thought & seeing off the grid.