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  • gnod / a middle sex – split – blackest rainbow

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    “Brand new split LP from fellow Manchester weirdos A Middle Sex and Gnod. Gnod follow on from some killer releases over the last couple of years, a split 7″ with Bong, a tape on Not Not Fun, and a collaborative LP with White Hills. The oddly titled 15 minute ‘Why Don’t You Smile Like The Other Children?’ opens with hazy strings and cosmically far out voices, this slow groove packs a multi-coloured burst of rhythmic psychedelic vibes. On the flip side, A Middle Sex takes up duties of doing something equally psychedelic, but in a completely different style. Their side is titled ‘Polytheism’, and is essentially made up of two tracks, the opener is a short, wild spaced-out cosmic synth piece, which is swiftly followed by their main 10 minute piece of layered drums and percussion, swirling electronics, distorted chanted vocals. Their side is all about the rhythm, and they really got that rhythm down. Edition of 500. Pressed on 140 gram virgin vinyl and house in super glossy pro-printed covers.”

  • gnod / bear bones, lay low – split – full of nothing

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    English psych-heads Gnod meet the Venezuelan stoner Bear Bones, Lay Low to produce a split tape of gorgeous neo-kraut trails and class freakdom.

    Gnod have been on fire lately with such vital works as the $&$ split and “Dwellings & Druss” which put them even further away from the pointless tags one might attempt to apply to their sound and vision. Guess you just gotta believe the folks when they say “psych tech” now! But just before that the devotees of the Manchester collective had been devouring heavy industrial rock riffage with choking vocals and some strange form of kraut-rock. With a constantly rotating line-up Gnod have always been a wicked live band who can shake stages all over Europe. Let’s look at what we have here: Gnod team have blessed Full of Nothing with a 21-minute instrumental slow-burner in the essential kraut fashion. Recorded & mixed at their spiritual home, Islington Mill, “The Choice of a Nubian Generation” features upbeat spiritual organs snaking in starry-eyed electronics and guitar dubs, while a motorik drum beat is pounding its way to heaven. Gnod from Gnod, light from light.

    Bear Bones, Lay Low is the solo guise of Ernesto Gonz├ílez, who is no stranger to collective freakout being a key member of the seminal Sylvester Anfang II. The Venezuelan musician currently residing in Belgium knows his riffs alright but those who didn’t sleep on his supreme records on KRAAK, Sloow Tapes etc. are aware of the fact that the gentleman does his synth homework as well. While various Bear Bones, Lay Low material may sound like bold mystical sonic statements there is always a tad of goofy playfulness complimenting the vibe. Recorded onto a cassette 4-track in Venezuela and Spain the B side of this split is heavy on analog synth blobs, found sound and comes highly entertaining. But hey, throw in some jolly piano minimalism, lo-fi wash of spirited South American drones and distorted guitar workouts! While pushing himself aside from the awesome singsong witch dance moments of “El Telonero” LP, Bear Bones, Lay Low maintains his sonic persona and masterfully executes his side.