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  • golden donna – II – 100% silk

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    Madisonian synthesizer omnivore follows the trippy club-crunched double helixes of his recent split 12 on Atlanta’s burgeoning CGI imprint with a 7-song skybath of breezy balcony themes, trap-flecked trampoline electronics, pale dream-pitched slow-rides, and diamond-headed aerodynamics for SILK’s subliminal magnetic tape division. There’s a consistent looking-glass curvature to the way he bends textures and percussion, giving them this lens flare plasticity, like a warped sheen of translucent plastic. Dense but dispersed, II pushes past his debut into higher altitude airspace, towards warmer climes. A uniquely hardwired hanging garden of hibernation strategies from a voracious jammer locked in the lair of midwestern winter. Mastered by Ghost Sounds. Hand-numbered edition of 100.

  • golden donna – pour resnais – signal dreams

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    Transparent electric blue shells, blue case, and artwork from Nathaniel Ritter. Mastered by Endless

  • golden donna / floating gardens – split – field studies

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    Golden Donna, the eminent analog giallo voyager, leaves the drum machines on standby as he makes the Q-jump to the next system. Detuned, emotive leads mark the contours of the ensuing stroboscopic passage, gently tensing inwards, only to relax outwards once more.
    Three energetic states discovered amongst the multiform chambers and biosystems of the Floating Gardens. Climbing the tone ladder to eco purity.
    Edition of 100, pro-dubbed on chrome