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  • grant evans – roman persuasion – vlaad

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    shifting between crumbling walls of noise and somber, dusty tape collage, roman persuasion is a crushing tribute to failure.

  • crippling – fleeting talisman – hooker vision

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    Fleeting Talisman was recorded using only the grimiest records and crudest equipment available in west Georgia thrift stores.
    Edition of 100.

  • villages / grant evans – split – sunshine ltd.

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    This split finds Villages on the A side showcasing signature acoustic drone and folk instrumentation during an expertly composed 20+ min. movement. On the B side we find some of Evans’ best work to date, with cut up acoustic guitars meandering through magnetic tape murk. Both sides conjure up images of tales told long ago inside the walls of cities and basements of workshops long since forgotten. Includes download code.

  • grant evans – lacerations – hooker vision

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    Conceived with mostly acoustic instruments before being manipulated through magnetic tape and digital processes, Lacerations is a study of tension and contrasts. With material dating as far back as late 2012, Lacerations collects several shorter tape and computer music pieces.

  • nova scotian arms – translations – hooker vision

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    Edition of 15 numbered copies. 3″ cdr

  • grant evans – dragging alabaster – house of sun

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    Grant Evans presents forty minutes of minimalist sound sculpture, capturing guitar snippets, found field recordings and reel to reel tape loops on his latest cassette Dragging Alabaster. Beginning with a heady guitar sample repeated over a whirl and whisper of taped sounds and their mysterious origins, Grant lays down some of the most gripping noise over melody being produced right now. Its decidedly a crisp recording with lo fidelity roots. The flip side moans with slowed down tape samples blurring together to produce a lulling trance. Throughout the length of the tape, there are touches of indeterminable sound sources that repeat translucently, managing to captivate the listener with its constant subtle shifts. It’s a thoughtful record, and one that should undoubtedly be on wax, but here it is offered first through House of Sun as a C40 limited edition cassette.

  • nova scotian arms – sacred drift- sonic meditations

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    Hailing from Georgia, Grant Evan’s main project Nova Scotian Arms has been quite prolific over the last year having releases on Digitalis, Ru ralfaune and his own label Hooker Visions. The newest offering is comprised of tape loops that span a total of 30 minutes per side. Heavily textured in sound color, the albums sprawls and unfolds through sonic drones shifting and pulsing. Reminiscent of early Troum work like the ” Tjukurrpa” series.

  • grant evans – lines that unfold – kimberly dawn

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    A brilliantly deep and sensitive voyage from one half of the Hooker Vision/Quiet Evenings team. You can expect scrambled and soothing messages from between worlds – half washed away murmurings lifting up towards the silky fog of dawn. Presented in a numbered edition of 50 hand stamped 3″ cdrs.

  • motion sickness of time travel / nova scotian arms – crystal anniversary – aguirre records

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    This split lp sees the man/wife duo of Grant and Rachel Evans performing under their own solo projects. In the past two years they have released a bunch of awesome tapes and cd-rs on their label “Hooker Vision”. They also record and perform as droneduo Quiet Evenings.

    This record was created to celebrate the crystal anniversary of the couple. And indeed, on both sides Grant and Rachel create sounds which sound like the perfect marriage.

    With stunningly beautiful collage artwork by Grant Evans.

  • brian lavelle/nova scotian arms – split – tranquility tapes

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    Here we have richly varied, transoceanic transmissions from a Scotsman and a Southerner. Edinburgh’s Brian Lavelle begins the hour-long affair with a beautifully composed set of electronics. Billowing, Voigt-ian clouds of synth and guitar ultimately give way to delicate sequences and organ patterns that swirl majestically around field recordings. Lavelle has been releasing experimental music for more than 20 years and his masterful ability to digitally blend and degrade sonics to the point of perfection is well evidenced herein. Georgia’s Grant Evans (Quiet Evenings) answers boldly via his Nova Scotian Arms project with an utterly disorienting curve ball. Dissonance is the recurring theme here, with synth loops and burnt guitar riffs weaving in and out of each other and gradually pushing toward a hazy enlightenment. Like a high gravity brew, these two sides work in tandem to leave you at once blissed and dizzy. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.