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  • grasshopper – calling all creeps – prison tatt

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    Prison Tatt’s first liberation. The first release on vinyl by the acclaimed Brooklyn duo. Spine-shuddering drones and subtle melody; improvised electronics and horns that sound through-composed, but aren’t. Too often Grasshopper’s music is interpreted as composition, perhaps because of Josh and Jesse’s background in classical training. Their long-form creations amount to nothing less than the Irrlicht of contemporary noise/electronics (I said this of them long before I knew I’d be releasing their material.) This is a horrid dungeon, no question, but one where hope has not quite died, and pretty things, alluring demons in service to Jon Hassell or Miles Davis, occasionally flutter by the window bars. Almost out of print; 20 copies remaining for retail or wholesale distribution. These things look and sound great; mastered at Aardvark, pressed by Bill Smith, with silkscreened insert by Seizure Palace.