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  • günter schlienz – the norman tapes – metaphysical circuits

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    This time, synth artisan / Cosmic Winnetou chief Guenter Schlienz graces Metaphysical Circuits, with his third tape of 2013. An enchanted analogue essentiality.

    Recorded on the shores of Normandy (yes, outdoors!), “The Norman Tapes” flawlessly merge Schlienz’s trademark minimalist synthesizer harmonization with environmental recordings (wind, waves, gulls – decidedly ambient in themselves.) Supreme lo-fi aural driftin’.
    released 13 June 2013
    Recorded August 2012 with a D.I.Y. modular synthesizer at various locations in Normandy / France. Mastered by Christoph Szeteli. Thanks to Hanno and Yvonne for their patience and support.

  • günter schlienz – live tape – branch tapes

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    branch tapes 009
    limited to 33 copies

    home dubbed & assembled


    01. warszawa, 07.09.2014

    02. lodz, 08.09.2014


    01. köln, 14.03.2015

    02. stuttgart, 20.03.2015

    03. mainz, 05.04.2013

    tracks recorded live with modular synthesizer, tape loops and tapes. thanks to josh for

    support and mastering. kudos to all those wonderful people who made those gigs

    possible, and many thanks to all who came to listen.

  • günter schlienz – treehut visions – sacred phrases

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    May the complex rhythms, supported by its troughs and troches, mend what you’re missing. It gives another half of what you need. Gently, breezy, slightly elevated, languid, nonchalant, with you. For you.

    Recorded Spring 2013 in Stuttgart/Germany with a DIY modular synthesizer. Mastered by Niko. Inspired by childhood memories and Jack Kerouac’s “Visions” novels.

    “The world of raging action and folly and also of gentle sweetness seen through the keyhole of my eye.”

    Pro-dubbed, limited edition of 100. Digital copy included with tape purchase.

  • günter schlienz – through music to the self

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    Cooling drift over soft terrain; smooth modular ambient for inner voyages (Inspired by the book of Peter Michael Hamel.)