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  • Hala Strana – c64/c81/c44/2xc42 – cabin floor esoterica

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    From 2003 to 2010 Steven R. Smith recorded under the name Hala Strana. Using an assortment of instruments (some handmade, like his hurdy gurdy and spike fiddle) Smith recreated and re-imaged traditional Eastern European folk music, making the songs his own. This has really got it all – from his crumbling guitar to the dancing fiddle, stove-pipe percussion and the occasional tape warble. There hasn’t been anything quite like this since. At times the songs are intensely cinematic, at others beautifully chaotic. These songs are are here to transport you. The box includes five tapes with all the recorded Hala Strana output, including ‘Compendium’ a previously digital-only collection of outtakes, compilation and EP tracks. Limited to 50 copies tied in twine and laid on a bed of wood shavings in a chipboard box with pasted-on full color art, a twelve page booklet of notes, two handwritten and numbered inserts on handmade paper, two vintage Eastern European postage stamps and a risograph print.

    Note: there will not be digital sales/downloads for this release.