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  • headboggle / quicksails mugen volume 6 – hausu mountain

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    This is Mugen Volume 6

    Solo sessions recorded live. No overdubs.

    Released on Hausu Mountain, HAUSMO 21.

  • headboggle / collin mckelvey – split – 905 tapes

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    30 minutes each of squishy synth work from Headboggle & Collin McKelvey. Hboggle offers up six monsters, a mixture of live sets, sessions at colleges, and jams with buds. Shannon Kerrigan, John Elliott, and Jeff Hatfield all showing their mugs. McKelvey burns through one half hour of every changing textured layers. Pro dubbed, edition of 100. Comes with download code.

  • headboggle & vibrating garbage – beer on the rug

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    a resultant fruit of rehearsals in preparation for a 2012 one-off collaborative performance between Bay Area sound artists Derek Gedalecia and Greg Garbage. On this recording we see Headboggle synthesizing Ciat-Lonbarde/ Blippoo and Greg Garbage on MFB/ 606 in addition to largely taking on the role of producer. Side I paves a contorting and writhing visceral slab of sound and the flip-side finds the machines spewing even more disassociating acoustic narcosis. Highly recommended.

    Limited edition of 80 cassettes w/ download code
    Artwork by Greg Garbage
    Layout and design assistance by Paul Browning
    Pro-imprinted and pro-duplicated on chrome tape

  • headboggle / vibrating garbage – split – turmeric magnitudes

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  • various – modern language:synth tape – snapped in half

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    A1 Andrew Coltrane – Sixth Sick Synth #3
    A2 Head Boggle – Plaid Days
    A3 Demons – Armageddon
    A4 Angel Of Decay – Crashed
    A5 Envenomist – The Burning
    B1 Pulse Emitter – Bucolic Vortex
    B2 Carlos Giffoni – Pulpo
    B3 Oneohtrix Point Never – Unmaking The World
    B4 D/A A/D – Death Stalks
    B5 Spine Scavenger – Live From A Church In Oberlin

  • headboggle – dba head-boggle intl. – la cohu

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    Side A is a studio rehearsal for the summer 2013 International Noise Conference SF show
    – one-track recording of Moog Little Phatty, SCI Tom, Blippoo Box, and harmonica
    Side B was recorded at the SF City College Electronic Music Lab in 2011
    – one-track recording on 4-panel Serge Modular/TKS system

  • headboggle – buchla a la mode – greedmink

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    self-released “à la Mode” cassette album on the Greedmink, Ltd. imprint. … completely different material than the upcoming VHS on Ratskin with the same title.

    basic tracks recorded at Mills College’s Center for Contemporary Music using the Buchla Box/100 prototype.

    overdubs and mixdown at SF City College Electronic Music Lab and Hyde Street Efficiency

    40minutes, edition of 100, released in Fall 2013 … gold ink on blue heavy stock.

    individual hand-stamped cover art by Carrie Sullivan/FSLUX/Heat Lightnin’
    cassette lettering by Madalyn Merkey

  • headboggled -rchive #3 – anathema sound

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    In a universe of incredible synth jammers that grows more crowded by the second, Bay Area’s Derek Gedalecia is truly a standout. Eschewing pleasant melodies and anything even remotely new age, Gedalecia uses his analog gear to disorient, discombobulate, and deteriorate. The third part in Head Boggle’s ongoing rchive series buzzes through your cranium in so many different ways: sharp beams of sound, rumbling oscillations, and plenty of bizarro, brain-bending field recordings from who-knows-where. Side B is an entire live set that throws a hand-cranked music box in the middle of the synth storm. To say “it works” would be an understatement. Draw the wildcard and unleash the madness. With full color art, inserts, and labels by Matt Yacoub.

  • head boggle – unsounds and domo live – nna

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    Derek Gedalecia’s latest creation brings us mutated electronic music from the extreme far out. A seemingly endless stream of synthetic gurgles, gulping, and goop in chaotic bursts of unpredictability. Includes a live audience/soundboard recording that delivers in the masterful live HB style.

  • headboggle – hillboggle – sic sic tapes

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    Imagine Eric Satie jamming with Morton Subotnick. Dazzling frequencies interfering
    with dripping piano notes – and that’s only the first side of this wild trip.
    On the other side: a rural banjo swirling within an electric field. Supreme stuff.