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  • hobo cubes – mono music vol 3

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    B/W art printed on double-sided recycled brown paper
    Each tape sticker is unique (weed theme imagery)
    C.30 – limited edition of 30

  • hobo cubes – apex ideals – debacle records

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    With Apex Ideals, Hobo Cubes has found a rich vein of form to explore. Montreal based Francesco De Gallo (also of Hobo Cult Records) is a master of manipulating ambient textures into compositions rife with emotion. Apex Ideals focuses time-based ideas and constructs, finding deeply personal reflections inside its electronic cascades.

    Using time-stretching methods to create vast expanses of minimal ambience, Apex Ideals finds some of its greatest strength in glitches and accidents that accentuate the sonic terrain. The beauty is in the details; a cut here and the beating of a heart pours out in synthetic rhythms and deft tonal shifts; a mistake there and liquid synths bubble like blood escaping an open wound. De Gallo puts everything on the table and Apex Ideals ends up being an incredibly introspective record because of it.

    Dreams fade into intangible thoughts overridden by external changes and are channeled into an aural dream- scape. Hobo Cubes has climbed many vistas in the past five years but none have reached the heights of Apex Ideals. This is Francesco De Gallo’s masterpiece.

  • dozens – ultraseamatic – goldtimers tapes

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    Guitar explorations from some of our favorite psychic wanderers. Francis (Hobo Cubes) & Ryan (Sundrips) beam up for a cannonball ride of geo-nightmarish lab trance hypnoscapes. Bouncing from atom smashing stabs to neo-futurist tribal brain change frequencies…Dozens will leave the psyche seeking, sizzling and satisfied.

    008 Dozens ‘Ultraseamatic’ c30, pro duplicated on hi-bias chrome cassettes w/ on shell imprinting. Pro printed double sided J-Card’s hand scored and folded. Limited Qty 50

  • code: suite 104 -gateway – tape drift

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    Debut release from this solo minimal electronics project by Montreal’s Frank Hobo Cubes. Mysterious in theme, this is an excellent side excursion into new realms for Frank. Hovering tones, pulses, and glitches reference classic electronic works, but each sound is imbued with a sense of space and importance, creating a work that stands entirely on its own. Twenty minutes of perfection, and the brevity is part of the appeal – nothing more is said than is absolutely essential. You’ll find yourself flipping the tape over and over, eagerly wanting to spend more time in its cavernous sound.