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  • holovr – line of flight – indole records

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    HOLOVR comes clean and correct with this follow-up to his LP on Opal Tapes. Emerging into a fresh, crisp orbit from the murk of the planetary core, Line of Flight sees HOLOVR embrace a new palette of winding acid drift. Melodic synth lines unfold, snake and repeat, underpinned by pattering percussion and buffeting, wistfully euphoric pads. Long-form and layered with subtle shifts and hypnotic grooves, this is one for the space trippers and trancefloors.

    Recorded live to two tracks.

    Yellow 12″ vinyl LP with PVC sleeve and 4-colour Riso insert image by Jennifer Crouch, printed by Ditto Press.

    Edition of 220

  • holovr – x2x – vol 1 – self released

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    No frills, no overdubs, straight-up, straight-to-tape ACID.
    -jimmy billingham (tidal, venn rain, clime…)