hunter gracchus

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  • the hunter gracchus ‎– sacred object of the yeye people – chironex

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    Recorded into a mono microphone by f,j and k in furniture makers, sheffield in 2007/2008.
    Mummy of the hare (Sacred Obejct of the yiye people) by Olga and Alexander Florensky.

    Hunter Gracchus sound both fresh and devastatingly contorted. Listening to the fragile and intoxicating sounds generated by The Hunter Gracchus, your surroundings are skewed into displacement. When describing the output and production of sound experienced on the record, HG used the foundation of non-studio based recordings, stating “where the microphone’s presence seems inconsequential to the performance you hear and its placement is determined more by remaining inconspicuous than maximising fidelity.”

  • the hunter gracchus – the bolsheviks shat in my brain – chocolate monk

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    New hydroponic sketches of freakdom from Sheffield that should satisfy those of you with that roaring appetite for freedumb jams and methnic drone-outs. I hear delerious barkings of glue factory workers, the hanging heaviness of the local nut houses ‘drum and squal’ therapy sessions, pockmarked harmonium hymns to Harry Pussy, and whole bunch of giblets that I can’t quite put my fingers in, but it sure does make one of my eyes twitch, so I say let the sweltering fog descend, we don’t need no torch.