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  • iasos – bora bora 2000 – rotifer cassettes

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    edition of 125
    professionally duplicated chrome plus cassettes
    individually sealed with color insert and download code card inside
    Set in the tropical paradise of Bora Bora somewhere around the year 2000, Greek New Age composer, Iasos, in 1991 crafted his most dance-centric album to date. “Bora Bora 2000” does reference tropical paradises of Tahiti and Cuba but the nature of these floral synth arangements seem to come from a more alien world. An island where plants talk to the stones. Crystalline avian beings play metal fruits like steel drums. On the softer side, songs like “Tahiti Sunset” play like sun touched water color paintings of beaches that never existed. This is music for adventures in the mind. Playful is Iasos’s go to emotion with this record. His synthesizer melodies weave light in and out of the dense palm folliage. Waiting just at the other side of the dune is a hilarious and fun party that Iasos and his make believe animal pals have curated just for your enjoyment! – Tristan Whitehill (Euglossine)

  • iasos – elixir – rotifer

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    This second Iasos reissue on Rotifer Cassettes comes in 3-D stereo, covering the full sonic range – from thunderous lows to crystalline highs that challenge your hearing. It is offered as a vibrational gateway, through sound, to the celestial realms of Light. Professionally duplicated on cassette for the first time since 1983 onto type II, chrome format. Original cover art by Andrew Annenberg, inner j-card artwork by Jonathan Dean.