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    During my last visit to the states, about 2 years ago, one of the highlights was definitely a night long visit to Scott Foust’s house! John Shaw took us there and explained from before what it was gonna be like; we would be seated down in a comfortable couch while ‘the last great man’ would stand up next to a pedestal with some quality whiskey, dope and cigarettes on it, sporting a mono-coloured suit and sunglasses (day and night) while Foust is telling stories about different art records, and mainly his own work, ranging from short films, visual work and audio since 1978! It was exactly how Shaw explained it. I was blown away by the honesty and the effort him and his ladyfriend Karla Borecki put into their work, and how little response they get to it. We shared a common interest in arrogant ‘pop’ quality, and especially the situationists, to which he relates his work to in only aesthetic way! I think it is a quality in people when you can’t divide their work with their persona; Idea Fire Company is a collective of people that definitely swing that robe! Beautiful carpets of radio bleebs and static, piano (Karla Borecki is a trained pianist) and almost kraut-like synth ambience. Comes in a mono coloured sleeve full of dots by Dennis Tyfus, and comes with an insert. Limited to 300 copies.”