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  • imaginary softwoods – golden loop garden – spectrolite

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    “Gold Fiction Loop Garden” is a collection of short loops recorded 2014-2015 live to two-track digital. Recorded using analog synthesizers, Mellotron, and multiple arrays of configured fx processes.

    Loops channel the use of way stones with attempts at articulating presence at spiritual destinations. A vintage court garden in classic Softwoods fashion, and a pre-cursor to the “Annual Flowers In Color” release due out April 1st, 2016.

    Recorded at the W. 95th Trap and Bird Town – Cleveland, Ohio.

    “Painted Flowers Loop”, “Yellow Calcite II” and “Anterograde Stone Remedy” mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at Ennislab in Rome, Italy 2015.

  • imaginary softwoods – annual flowers in color – spectrolite

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    “Annual Flowers In Color” is a collection of demos and unreleased works from 2011 to 2015. While activity in the Softwoods has been ongoing in the past few years, no real definitive album has surfaced since 2011’s “The Path Of Spectrolite”. “Annual Flowers In Color” serves as a compilation of sorts; a scrapbook documenting some of the fruitful experiments happening in private over the years. Various styles including tape collage, spoken word, concrete structure and classic Softwoods ambience put this collection as close to a definitive album as could be despite the varying eccentric trajectories.

    Limited edition double cassette featuring additional material available at

    Recorded 2011-2015 in Cleveland – Ohio, Tokyo – Japan, and Albuquerque – New Mexico.

    Mixed and mastered for cassette and digital by Blue O’Randa at the Gold Manor – Albuquerque, New Mexico, The Fowles Roadhouse, W. 95th Trap & Bird Town – Cleveland, Ohio.

  • imaginary softwoods ‎– imaginary softwoods – wagon

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    cdr,Edition of 100 hand-numbered copies.
    Comes with an insert.
    Recorded Summer 2007.

  • imaginary softwoods ‎– imaginary softwoods – wagon

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    Recorded summer of 2007.
    Hand-numbered edition of 65 copies in a vinyl box with a hand-crafted envelope.
    Tape 1 is yellow, tape 2 is red, and tape 3 is blue.

    poly cover has slight bubbling in lower right corner-see picture- artwork not affected, just case

  • imaginary softwoods – digitalis recordings

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    In 2008, a triple cassette oddity appeared out of nowhere adorned in washed-out nature collages and zero information. Turns out that John Elliot of Emeralds was behind the madness, and after further dissection of the sounds enclosed, it all began to make sense. Those three tapes (one yellow, one blue, one red) were the first taste of something that felt like a lost private-press object from the early European electronic experimentations of the ’60s and ’70s. Each vignette is its own story, its own exploration. Synthesizers and other electronics are stripped to their bare bones, never drifting beyond a mere five minutes. It’s the brevity that is the guiding hand, though. Every tone and every note is carefully considered and utilized as you’re sucked into a world of washed-out colors and sullen landscapes. One thing that immediately stands out with these pieces is just how restrained Elliot is with them. It adds considerable tension, even if it’s understated, giving the album a surprising amount of emotional depth. Each piece is its own miniature mountain, traversed and left behind all in a matter of minutes. As you interact with the subtlety changing harmonics and tonal shifts, you begin to float away into synthetic dreams. If all bedroom albums were this great, I’d never leave the house. A true gem. It doesn’t get much better than this. Completely remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin and cut in Berlin by D+M. The deluxe vinyl edition is presented in full-color gatefold jackets with all new art from John Elliot in conjunction with the inimitable Witchbeam. Strictly limited pressing.

  • imaginary softwoods – nine – cylindrical habitat modules – cass

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    Brief, refreshing suite from John Elliott’s (Emeralds, Mist, Outer Space, etc…) Imaginary Softwoods project, and definitely a new direction for the project. “Nine” finds John navigating the woods with four short, clear, sparkling pieces that build and swell gorgeously. Perfectly paced and ornately textured synthesizer brilliance. Extra limited edition of 50 with fold-out covers and transparent blue tapes.

  • imaginary softwoods – indigo – dangerous age

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    “Indigo” is a collection of old tape demos harking back as far as 2009, collaged into two side long pieces. Outtake material from “Eight” to “The Path of Spectrolite” included. Never before seen glimpses into the Forest of Light, brought to you via the Suncoast Digest.

    DA – CS 002 arrives with imprinted white shells, pro-printed j-cards and professionally duplicated cassettes in a limited edition of 50 copies.