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  • inca ore / tunnels / argumentix / ghost to falco – post-alarmist dracula safar – oms-b

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    the 12″ in dedication to Alarmist, a post-animal band from portland OR from 2004-2005. They influenced the people that saw them play and took your carpet for a joy ride once or twice while you knew them. Nick B (drums) aka TUNNELS donates some tracks of psychedelic pop unlike other recordings under the same name. Recorded during the last few days of the band and after the break up. Eric C.(guitar) aka GHOST TO FALCO brings you 2 tracks one almost like a 1 minute western dirge the other more in the traditions of GHOST TO FALCO style recordings. James S.(vocals) aka ARGUMENTIX dabbles in the world of industrial beats and stories of a world left behind in 3034. Assisted on these recordings by Hando on sax. Eva aka INCA ORE(vocals) delivers a chopped and screwed version of some of her recordings mixed with clips of ALARMIST live shows she picked up from Friend Mansion a few years after the fact. On the first track of side crocodile you can hear the ode to ALARMIST by M.Remy (U.S. GIRLS) as she calls in to a radio interview the band was doing. Non of the 4 solo artist sound anything like what ALARMIST was doing and non of the solo projects sound a like. This is a great collection of eclectic music.
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    12″ black vinyl

  • inca ore – brute nature vs. wild magic- weird forest

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    Inca Ore is the solo voice of Eva, the singer of such fine bands as Alarmist and Malibu Falcon. Inca Ore travels the cosmos on firey phoenix mattresses with the voice of a goose-quilled cloud pillow siren calling to all the constellations in the universe. Eva uses her vocal range and delay complement to create the sounds of entire sorceress covens through her lone voice. Lovely psychedelic drone mixed with narcoleptic folk. An enchantress of the highest order! Side A was previously issued as a CD-R in a small pressing of 100 copies on the Collective Jyrk label. The b-side is a brand new track consisting of one astounding, 18-minute interstellar vocal trance-out!