Inez Lightfoot

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  • riviere amur – bois flotté- i had an accident

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    Rivière Amur is the latest project from Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier(felicia atkinson) and Inez Lightfoot. A collaboration featuring some very interesting field recordings and slowed sounds. Like a bubbling brook or a trickling stream on an island of lost souls. The packaging compliments this release with icy cassettes and a desolate image of a person hugging a tree in the midsts of a forest dead to winter. Calming and isolated calls of the desperate air amidst eerie noises and whispers. The feeling of being lost in a vast forest as waves of sounds and capturing textures surround you. Beauty can only be buried within the heart crying for a body to encapsulate it. Expanding each moment further and further away until forgotten. Limited to 70 chrome tapes on wintery blue tint/silver tinsel. Mp3 download with purchase.

  • inez lightfoot – three weaving at well – no kings

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    This tremendous work by Portland’s Jackie McDowell was originally issued in an edition of 33 last year on her own label Biological Radio, and constitutes, I’m sad to say, the last and maybe definitive release of her haunting, beautiful, and yet slight and earnest experimental folk project Inez Lightfoot. The combination of field recordings of nature, traditional instruments, electronics, distant sound passages, and drifting vocals is evocative and so moving. Highly recommended. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed chrome tapes with risograph artwork designed by Jackie, Amy, and Lee.