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  • no space island viking invasion – upper layer hq

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    No Space Island Viking Invasion is a duo consisting of belgian synthesist Hans Dens, who normally records under the name Innercity, and the swedish, now danish boy of cold skin and hot blood, Hannes Norrvide of Lust For Youth / Posh Isolation fame. Together they’ve melded their separate musical aesthetics, which results in an equally haunting and calmingly enveloping space island symbiosis of cavernous murk and the cold hard surfaces of abandoned space ships. Perhaps a Space Island Viking Invasion never took place, but there is definitely remnants of some kind of nautical space exploration going on. Edition 50.

  • fiesta grande – why so serious

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    “recordings from winter 2009-2010; 5 minutes of outer space shitcore carefully selected from two afternoon jams at the lil panini crib. FIËSTA GRANDE is Carlo Steegen (Audiobot, frozen corpse, sweet team…) and Swift Treweeke (passenger of shit, sweet team…) on vocals, Eva Van Deuren (Orphan Fairytale…) on drums and Hans Dens (innercity) on guitar.” limited to 25 copies

  • innercity – future life – aguirre records

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    originally sold as a lp & cassette combo. this is the cassette only*

    After several releases this year on Taped Sounds, Ikuisuus, Rotifer, Ruralfaune, Upstairs and his own Why So Serious imprint, Antwerp’s synthscaper/soundmanipulator and anti-musician Innercity serves his first vinyl. Bouncing from the barren fields of destroyed audio into the realms of divine and hallucinatory sound and back through the jungles of 100 years of popular music, the lo-frequencies chrystalize sounding like new hope and new ideas in dark industrial wastelands.

    “Imagine you find yourself wandering places unreal, lost and desperate, only to have it gradually dawn in you, you’ve been laying waste the invisible lands in your mind. Your desperateness becomes amazement as you start paving paths to link and sync barren levels of reality and start to familiarize with different formless and shape-shifting entities manifesting as inhabitants of apparently different inner worlds. You are being prepared for a major evolutionary phase-shift regarded unreal and I believe that is what future life is about, the differences in realities, and their level of importance in the whole picture.” Released in an edition of 300

  • innercity – in fetal aura – upstairs

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  • innercity / sofie sea & billy a,b – split – bum tapes

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    Sofie Cooper (whose music has appeared in many guises throughout the uk underground) & London based artist Billy A,B create an incredibly colourful palette of dreamscape drones, all woven together with battered late night guitars, keyboards, synths and sepia snapshots of memories. The flip side of the tape is Antwerp’s Innercity, the solo project of Hans Dens whose futuristic experimental beats hit you like a wave of pulsating neon colours, the whole side is one long synth journey which flows with a Kosmiche current in a New Age Ocean.. 40 copies

  • innercity – a minor princess – goldtimers

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    Innercity’s ‘A Minor Princess’ is a long player cassette brimming with cracked mutant rhythms and strange energy abound. Warped, repetitively aged incantations and winking nods of electronic worship.

    Innercity (GLD 031) c61, pro duplicated and on shell printing cassette tapes. Double sided and scored J-Card. J-Card is printed on gold cardstock with an overlaid vellum cover. Ltd 50 copies.

  • innercity – cop killer – rotifer

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    Beats gleaming through every bullet hole.

  • innercity – arupa travels – rotifer

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    Originally released as a very limited triple c30 box set on Hans’ label Why So Serious? This issue, the whole journey is on one c90.
    edition of 100, pro-duplicated on type II, chrome cassettes

  • innercity – boys in forest trying to hotwire the earth – not not fun

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    Crouch-core electronic maximalist Hans Dens aka Innercity (aka a million other aliases) is one of the truer flames still burnin’ up the CDR/cassette micro-circuit, spewing forth an overwhelming smokestack of of zero-edition unedited circuitry throb and loop-lurch (much of it on his own Why So Serious? imprint). His prolificness is daunting to put a dent in, but the beauty is you don’t have to: anywhere’s a good place to start, as he packs every track with such an excess of FX and ideas that every piece is like a fractal, endlessly dividable into mirror-zone self-similarities. That said, Boy In Forest Trying To Hotwire The Earth is a particularly astutely edited slab of prime Innercity, a fuming soup of dovetailing drone-wave no-mind patterns and restlessly jump-cutting lunar-pulse brain-baths. Both sides showcase his cyber-psych strategies in peak form, arpeggiating in violet radiation and interstellar VCR meltdowns; trance music in its strictest meaning. Future LPs on Aguirre and beyond will continue to attempt to bottle his unstable ecological chaos-magick, so rest assured there’s more where this came from. A vibrant ghostlight in the already overactive Belgian DIY weird-tronix community. Pro-dubbed tapes in sensual spectrum-overdrive J-cards designed by BB. Edition of 150.

  • innercity – prisoners of memory – animal image search

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    very very siked to be working with hans dens a.k.a. draak jagers a.k.a. innercity, a big player in making the antwerp synth scene among the most inspiring in the world right now. his latest labyrinth is a 50 minute lucid dream in which the listener has to defeat the emperor in a chess game to escape eternal imprisonment. instead of pawns, repressed fears are moved aggressively, sometimes sacrificed to protect the king. ultimately, the power to force checkmate lies within you.