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  • innercity / sofie sea & billy a,b – split – bum tapes

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    Sofie Cooper (whose music has appeared in many guises throughout the uk underground) & London based artist Billy A,B create an incredibly colourful palette of dreamscape drones, all woven together with battered late night guitars, keyboards, synths and sepia snapshots of memories. The flip side of the tape is Antwerp’s Innercity, the solo project of Hans Dens whose futuristic experimental beats hit you like a wave of pulsating neon colours, the whole side is one long synth journey which flows with a Kosmiche current in a New Age Ocean.. 40 copies

  • x-tours / brian kerkhof – split – why so serious

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    Stefan Kushima (Cruise Family, Easy Rider…) teams up with Artem Bezu (glowing fingers, heart museum…) jamming hard in lo-fi drone dreamlands on their guided X-TOURS. On the B side the duo of Eva Tourné and Hans Dens (innercity…) channel from their dead brains in the year 2123, using melting synths as medium for cryptic nonsense.” limited to 40 copies

  • asio otus / innercity – split – sic sic tapes

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    This isn’t a split-tape – this is a marriage made on an interstellar junkyard!
    The Finnish freaks with a deep love for U.F.O.’s and owls meet the woozy wizard
    from Belgium! Sweat-Leaf-Visionaries alongside one another!