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  • invisible path – message of sky – astral creek

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    Recorded April 2012
    MB solo.
    Casio MT-100, Gtr, Voice, Woodwind, SP-404

  • invisible path – levitating mirror – not not fun

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    The billowing, cloaked drones of Michael Bailey’s low-burning Invisible Path have always felt a bit out of step amidst the tweeting, energy drink-sponsored hustle of the L.A. music scene, which is perhaps what’s allowed it the freedom to ferment and fortify into such a singular, vibrational force. Past shows staged in pure darkness with bowed gongs and orbital amplifier worship hinted at the potency of the project but nothing in the IP oeuvre prepared us for the enveloping, textural infinities and planetary pulsations of The Levitating Mirror. Translucent electric mists undulate while sub-bass synth heartbeats throb sparsely and a distant, clanging metal metronome reverberates in the sky. The submerged rhythmic dimension of these pieces gives them a fascinatingly shadowed sense of motion, like some obscenely abstract ambient techno record pitched to 12 BPM. The mood moves from meditative and mesmerized (“Unraveling Threat Of Light”) to drugged and dissolved (“Escaped Into The Mist,” “Decompression”) before plummeting to industrialized, subterranean blackness (“Descension”). One of the most transportive headphone bio-domes we’ve heard in multiple years, hands down. Plug into the Path. Pro-dubbed tapes in collaged J-cards designed by B. Brown. Edition of 100.

  • invisible path – deep dives – astral creek

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    Deep Dives is a summary of the existence of how Invisible Path started off 2012.
    Side A introduces the newest sonic developments of the solo consciousness of MB reaching out to the Spheres with keyboard, voice, guitar and prepared tape.
    Side B begins with a live recording of the Invisible Trio, a prime example of the live improvisational performances occurring during that time.
    The tape concludes with another MB solo ritual for Gong and Guitar, breaking away from the feedback and synthesizer combination to acknowledge that the music of Invisible Path will always be spiritual rather than an ego trip.

  • invisible path – hermetic dreamscapes – astral creek

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    Invisible Path is a lurker’s vessel constructed/helmed by Michael Bailey, former member of San Francisco’s Barn Owl. On his cassette debut, ‘Hermetic Dreamscapes On the Roots of Our Nature’, lantern glow guides our transport through swaths of foggy dream-tone hustled by musty gusts of white noise. High-synth is the collected voice of unseen flora/fauna speaking as melismatic weather systems. Within a cavern, doom drone excavations stir a vestigial swarm of debris to reveal specters of the ancestral or hunger-spun hallucinations thereof. Synth, guitar, lap steel, double bass.
    -brunch groupe

    different artwork than the brunch groupe release we carried early, same tape.

  • invisible path – gathering warmth

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    Side A. m.b (solo)
    Side B. m.b, n.r, a.s (trio)

    michael bailey: guitar, violin, found sounds
    nicholas rossi: synthesizer
    adam sabolic: guitar, bass, electric sitar

  • invisible path – retrospective (2008-2012)

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    Culled from the musical activity between 2008 and 2012, Retrospective is a concentrated glimpse into the capabilities and whereabouts of Michael Bailey’s Invisible Path.