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  • isle of sodor – west optimos – cylindrical habitat modules

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    the second tape for chm from isle of sodor. elaborating on his “a night off” blueprint with thisfresh set of fully realized sequencer work. five tracks of relentless, brain-burrowing beepsand buzzes recorded using the same eml 400 heard on the comet bodies tape. extremely impressive development from this cleveland-to-columbus bud.

    edition of 65, with minimal yellow spray on transparent blue tapes.

  • isle of sodor – double vision – cylindrical habitat modules

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    Best Isle of Sodor material yet, killer new set from Columbus’ Adam Miller, and his 200th or 300th tape on cylindrical. Consistently raising the bar for himself, Adam lays down easily his most accessible and profound jam yet, Side A starting off with winding, non-linear magic brushed melodies, satiny filter passes floating through like dust around a lamp. Another leap in the right direction, certainly my favorite Sodor yet, an excellent slice of sub-space electronics. Edition of 80.