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  • j.d. emmanuel – echoes from ancient caves – sun ark

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    Created in 1980-81, The instrumentation on this album was a Crumar Traveler 1 organ, Yamaha CS-15 Synthesizer, Octave Cat Synthesizer, Yairi DY-74 acoustic guitar with an Echoplex EP-4, Ross Phaser pedal and a DOD Compressor/Limiter pedal. A Teac 4 channel reel deck was used for the multi-tracked recording.

  • j.d. emmanuel – peaceful kingdom concert 1982

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    J.D. Emmanuel should need no introduction, the composer has had his classic album from 1982, “Wizards”, re-released a few years ago received with much praise and buzz around it. Having been resurrected out of private press obscurity, J.D. Emmanuel’s music stands the test of time, especially in the current state of underground New Age-inspired electronic music. I’m excited to bring forth a unreleased live recording from 1982. J. D. Emmanuel was the first show for “Music and Ideas: A Celebration and Harvest” – A Benefit Concert for “Peaceable Kingdom” presented at the Washington On the Brazos State Park, Texas, October 1, 1982. This live document is a close live representation to the material on “Wizards”, which was released the same year as the performance.

  • trance

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    Probably one of the most underestimate artists of electronic music from the early ’80s, has been lately rediscovered. An expert modulator of electronic and natural sounds, with this work JD Emmanuel seems to recall and reflect extensively on the poetics of the cyclic and mantric sound investigated by other pioneers such as Terry Riley and La Monte Young. The microtonal patterns of the compositions are animated by dense and minimum pulses that amplify the hypnotic and meditative dimension and can be colored by Tibetan suggestions or guitar glissandi. Flows and reflections of sounds define abstract landscapes but remain always deeply reverent with nature and its micro-cosmic variations. In this way, Echoes from Ancient Caves is ideally connected to the previous experimentations of Rain Forest Music (1981) and Wizards (1982). 500 copies on black vinyl + a download link for the digital edition

  • body glove – power smile – self released

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    Silk screened J-cards. Pro-dubbed tapes with black and white sticker labels. All songs recorded at Purple House in Oakland early summer 2012.

    “Picked up this tape on the Body Glove tour that just went across the whole USA. These guys are a quartet made up of Adam Keith (Cubicle), Noah Marmalefsky, Corey Hucks and Lazer Lopez. There is zero internet info on these guys, but you can watch the youtube video and get a general idea of what they do. I was really into the live set and I like the tape just as much. Very psychedelic, yet focused, electronic dance music out of Oakland, CA. What makes me like this 100 times more than a lot of the similar stuff I get in the mail? I think it’s the fact that these guys are clearly a band. Like Form A Log, they take something that is usually the provence of a solitary knob twiddler and turn it into a living breathing entity. The members respond to each other and take the sound to new heights. Somebody said something about the Grateful Dead really loud after they finished their set in Providence. I’m not saying who. The tape looks and sounds fantastic. You’ll maybe find it somewhere?”
    -cassette gods

  • jd emmanuel – time traveler – aguirre

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    Kudos to Lieven Martens of Dolphins Into The Future for bringing J.D. Emmanuel back into the spotlight. In 2007, Lieven dug up the masterpiece album Wizards and re-issued it on his own label. A few years later, in 2011, J.D. was asked to tour through Europe where he was accompanied by Dolphins Into The Future and Paul LaBrecque. Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, and Holland welcomed J.D. and the people attending the concerts knew they were in for an electronic blast from the past. This 2LP set covers the tour with a great deal of unreleased live tracks. The live recordings show J.D.’s phenomenal skill to create a universe of swirling and constantly turning sounds. He’s up there in the big league of early electronic and new age pioneers with the likes of Iasos, Laurie Spiegel, and Trans-Millenia Consort. Some words from the man himself: “After my European tour, I decided to use the name Time Traveler to describe my music because it can put the listener into a state where time seems to disappear. This is my goal with my music, to create an altered state for expanding consciousness.” With Hawaiian-inspired artwork, just like J.D.’s colorful character, and of course, his T-shirts. Includes a glossy double-sided insert. Mastered by J.D. Emmanuel. Pressed @ Handle With Care, Berlin. Limited edition of 500 copies.

  • jd emmanuel – trance formations ii: into separate realities – deep distance

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    It’s fair to say that Deep Distance is incredibly honoured to be able to bring you this stunning new set from JD EMMANUEL. A legendary figure whose seminal works from 1981 / 1982, (especially the Riley / Glass / Reich inspired “Wizards”) on his own private press imprint “North Star Productions”, were given fresh relevance upon re-release in 2007 by Lieven Martens’ (Dolphins Into the Future).

    Picked up later by Important Records, “Wizards” never quite slipped out of focus, it’s meditational, blissful pulse inspiring all manner of kosmische / minimal synth heads with it’s uniquely personal warmth; and it’s timely reissues couple with Aguirre’s release of this LP’s preceding set; “Trance Formations I” have firmly cemented Emmanuel’s reputation aided by stunning yet infrequent live sets in recent years.

    The set here, in the artist’s own words “was composed during the 1990’s on the road while travelling cross country for my job; using a Yamaha QY-10 synth module/sequencer or Korg X5DR synth module and a Novation MM10 keyboard into my Windows laptop using Cakewalk computer sequencing/recording software. Finishing them on my PC with Cakewalk with either/and 2 Ensoniq ESQ-M’s synthesizer modules and a Korg X5DR synthesizer module.”

    Six beautifully personal, zoned pieces and an essential companion to Emmanuel’s esteemed body of work. Released on The Great Pop Supplement’s side label “Deep Distance” in an edition of 500, March 2013.

  • jd emmanuel – wizards – important records

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    With so much being made of current practitioners of the Kosmiche/New Age vibe here’s your opportunity to hear an original. Original copies hardly ever surface and even the 2007
    repress commands quite a fee on internet auction sites. This straight analog pressing sounds as close to the original master tapes as you can get. 500 made.
    Pressed at RTI.

    “If you have been wondering what all the fuss about “private press new age” is, go here to find out. Your mind shall be subtly blown…” Fader

    Wizards was my first deep trance electronic music album. This album was inspired by Terry Riley , one of the earliest people ever to compose and perform long, extended, cyclic pieces in the electronic format. This music was composed and performed in ’81 and ’82.

    I consider this album my best work.

    The instrumentation is three Sequencial Circuits PRO-1s, Crumar Traveler One and a Yamaha SK-20, all real time recording to a Teac 4-track reel-to-reel. I mixed the four tracks to a Teac A-7300 Master 2-Track tape recorder using a DeltaLab DL-2 to create the delay track. In 2006, I used a Tascam 34B 4-track to remaster all my master tapes to digital master of 196 KHz/24 bit .WAV files using Soundforge 8 software.

    The original Wizards LP was published in the Summer of 1982 with the black and white cover. The initial tracks had not names and were call Movements I-V. Several years later sales had slowed down, in an effort to improve sales we tried the color cover and I created names for each track, as shown on the samples.
    – J.D. Emmanuel