Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier

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  • riviere amur – bois flotté- i had an accident

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    Rivière Amur is the latest project from Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier(felicia atkinson) and Inez Lightfoot. A collaboration featuring some very interesting field recordings and slowed sounds. Like a bubbling brook or a trickling stream on an island of lost souls. The packaging compliments this release with icy cassettes and a desolate image of a person hugging a tree in the midsts of a forest dead to winter. Calming and isolated calls of the desperate air amidst eerie noises and whispers. The feeling of being lost in a vast forest as waves of sounds and capturing textures surround you. Beauty can only be buried within the heart crying for a body to encapsulate it. Expanding each moment further and further away until forgotten. Limited to 70 chrome tapes on wintery blue tint/silver tinsel. Mp3 download with purchase.

  • birds of passage / je suis le petit chevalier / motion sickness of time travel / aloonaluna – taxidermy of unicorns

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    2 cassettes with small zine

    Folk music is expanding into many new forms with experimentalists such as birds of passage, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Motion Sickness of Time Travel and Aloonaluna- all female experimentalists who plant folk notions to a more hybridized, variegated flora. Whether the terms of music here is ambiguous but personal voice, the electronic as modernist tool for folk-making, or a magic-realist or urban-pastoral perspective- these terms are expanding in ways that are gaseous; the terrestrial reaching out to the more intangible worlds of dream and space. This is individual and private music speaking to a more collective conscious. This is Taxidermy of Unicorns- an act of stuffing such a mythical animal, fabricating this beautiful beast as a specimen of all such beasts…

    Tape art by Lynn Fister. Watercolor printed insert with sewn leaves and wrapped in yarn. Accompanying booklet with individual, original collage on center page. Pro-dubbed chrome plus tape with clear shell and black lining. Limited to 200.

  • je suis le petit chevalier / elevator boy / denmother / bears on parade – brief obsessions – i had an accident

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    Brief Obsessions offers four artists producing 15 minutes of musical sound on a double c32 cassette. Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier is from Belgium and has produced many albums across multiple formats and labels. In the dark and tropical forest you will hunt for mistakes, sleep, blood, hair, silver, breath, sun, and meat – with Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier you will find buried deep within the expressions of a tortured soul. Elevator Boy is from Toronto Canada. Elevator Boy produces ambient drone, guitar manipulation, long walks and red eyed boredom. Simplicity within madness. DenMother also hails from Canada – the sweet little girl that was once referred to as ORPHAN has grown into a new gown. Layered oiled drones dark and inhibited with haunting drum beats and chanting vocals. Bears on Parade calls Utah home. A distant place known for desolation and cold winters. Minimalistic glitter fight with your favorite people – Bears on Parade finds you buried in the cold.