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  • seaver & witscher – country music – salon cdr

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    Now available new music from Daryl Seaver & Jeff Witscher. Compositional works heavily influenced from listening to contemporary country music. Pieces of moderate length that can be listened to intently or peripherally with varying results. Daryl Seaver also records as Samantha Vacation with releases on LIES.

  • marble sky – sway – monorail trespassing

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    winter seclusion from frozen fields. absolutely flawless and well-paced synth / guitar work — bursting through thick clouds and shining bright, but always near the darkness. somewhere, something is wrong; somewhere else, Dreams are Coming True. edition of 125, full color covers and glossy labels.

  • secret abuse – the immeasurable gift – arbor

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    “The Immeasurable Gift” is a testament to cathartic possibilities and the role of creation/release as a means of understanding. Recorded throughout the past three years in a variety of locations and personal moments; encapsulated by a common, unrelenting concern. Beautifully delicate, elegiac melodies concealed within curtains of dense electronic ambiance reveal themselves like the light at the end of the tunnel; a signifier of the temporary vessel form. Balancing recklessness with care and coming to terms with the inevitable; encountering the man on the shoulder, reminding us that we are all just weary travelers. In an edition of 425 records in full color proprinted cardboard jackets with printed labels and an insert; all design by Jeff Witscher.

  • secret abuse – ripeness

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    Edition of 50 copies.
    Everything recorded at Celestial Soda Pop, Iowa during spring of 2009.

  • sean mccann, matthew sullivan & jeff witscher – barb

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    I don’t understand shit about music.
    Just listen to the sounds
    and let them take you somewhere.
    Contemporary music ain’t got a problem.

  • rene hell – the terminal symphony

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    It might not have been so long since Jeff Witscher released his debut ‘proper’ album under the Rene Hell moniker, but he’s kept himself busy in the interim all the same. Since ‘Porcelain Opera’ Jeff has put out a whole series of collaborations, 7”s, tapes and splits but few of these have given even a hint at what to expect from this sophomore full-length. Looking to his love of classical minimalism Jeff took this as the starting point for the record; he is quick to state however that this is not homage but a reinterpretation of those specific forms. The result is a deeply electronic rendition of this classical formula; the digital and analogue synthesizer and drum machine sounds that brought ‘Porcelain Opera’ to life are reframed and transferred into a very different compositional structure.

    ‘The Terminal Symphony’ is Jeff’s attempt to write tighter, more composed pieces of music – something of a reaction against the glut of long, often-flabby drone compositions that have become a mainstay in the scene. The pieces here are short, concise, and packed full of ideas that can take multiple listens to unravel, and the album, as a whole is almost obsessively structured and complex. Each side of the record is composed very specifically with a beginning, middle and an end (as opposed to the almost expected prolonged noodling jam) and when we begin with the familiar grunt and grind of ‘Chamber Forte’ it is only mere minutes before the track dissolves into the main theme of the album. The sounds we became familiar with on ‘Porcelain Opera’ are pushed slowly into the background to allow these new symphonic passages to shine through. An appropriate enough comparison might be arch-recluse Aphex Twin, but there is no pandering to dance music culture here. Rather Jeff has used his enviable background in noise, punk and synthesizer music to come up with something totally removed from the current scene, and absolutely singular.

    The album comes to a close with the hauntingly melancholy and purposefully referential ‘Adagio For String Portrait’. The dancing synthetic blips that pirouette across Witscher’s mournful electronic waves not only re-enforce the decades long love affair between electronic and classical music but help to define it in 2011.

  • rene hell – catalina & london

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    Pro dubbed tapes, contains minimal piano work-outs with electronic accompaniment, orchestral string pieces & a live set recorded in london