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  • outer space / alterity problem – untitled – deception island

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    Bonkers split concept: Alterity Problem, the Montreal-based duo of lifer oddballs Alex Moskos (also of AIDS Wolf, Drainolith, Thames, and The Medicine Rocks) and cryptic associate Joel Taylor turn in a suite of extra-damaged jams about kids, heaters, and problems, these titular concerns reflecting a certain noirish surrealism and a slightly outre pose—both very much present in the audible payload—that distinguish Alterity Problem from their most obvious contemporaries. Sometimes it’s like a Matra 12″ heard through a wheelbarrow of pills and six miles of bulletproof glass; other times it’s like spinning d-beat recs under general anaesthesia. Sometimes there are oddly, immensely satisfying syndrums in all the right/wrong places.
    The flip finds John Elliott (of Emeralds, Mist, and many others) back on DI with a fresh side of Outer Space tracks that work a polished, high-impact aesthetic angle very distinct from the decaying hyperabstraction of last year’s massive Lightyear Demonstrations while continuing to radiate the same throughgoing trippiness and post/antihuman drive. First, “Aspartame” materializes from a glowing sandstorm of synth and vocals, coalescing into one of the most dazzling and aqueous examples of Elliott’s signature endlessly unfurling klein bottle riffstyle to date. The ensuing nine minutes of this piece display a mastery of the “Dusseldorf style” of building deceptively intricate, episodic tracks on metronomic backbones, as claustrophobia and a sense of awakening to the reality of being chased by something superfucked gradually dawns, only to give way to an epic sunrise over a desert of ash and bleached bones. The finale, “USA Endless” (dark commentary?) has hung around long enough to see all inclination toward propulsion surgically removed. We’re floating six inches off the ground, in the driveway with the doors open, engine running, and wheels spinning endlessly, far too fucked to do anything other than sit back and watch the dash boil while sunlight falls like iridescent jelly on the seats. Extra weird

  • imaginary softwoods – the path of spectrolite – amethyst sunset

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    This is the first edition on clear white mix vinyl limited to 150 copies.

    The Path of Spectrolite is the latest full length recording from Imaginary Softwoods. Early comments have praised this album and state
    that while this recording retains some if the icy drone sound from some previous Softwoods release, this is a great progression and a
    bit more active. An extremely beautiful album entirely of sounds created by synthesizer and voice, this is an essential piece of the
    Imaginary Softwoods discography that you are sure to love. Pressed in an edition of 535. 150 on a clear / white mix and the remaining
    385 on clear .

  • outer space – II – blast first petite

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    “II” is the logical progression. It is an effort based on group format, and is an evolution from the debut Outer Space album. The central core of Elliott and Veres worked to arrange, record, and mix for a new direction and a new sound; headed down a path of cracked concrete and dissolving memory from the aether. Many different textures and composing methods are applied here to make a more varied and spontaneous array of songs. Experiments ranging from looped, broken m-400, jagged rhythm beds, and modular synthesis. Severing the obsessions of death and anxiety, and creating a work based on “the current” and those involved in the process, “II” has a different feel with less claustrophobia and more breathable air. Imagine the sounds are a liquid, with different masses and changing color.

    “II” is first in a 12″ in a trilogy of sounds to be released in 2012. It’s considered to be the second full-length effort by the project. Reality comes first here with a narrative of events that are real and happening right now. Close attention to detail reveals more than what is seen at the surface. The information is presented clearly; it’s up to the listener to use the intelligence provided for full comprehensive understanding.

  • outer space – akashic record (events: 1986-1990)

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    orange coloured vinyl
    Outer Space is a rapidly evolving sound entity headed by John Elliott and joined by a constantly rotating cast of midwestern U.S. electronic figures. “Akashic Record” sees the project grow in many different directions from the self-titled Arbor album created throughout 2008 and 2009 while retaining similar aesthetics of synthesizer experimentation and it’s esoteric relations.

    Recorded over the course of a year with close engineering assistance and compositional contributions from Andrew Veres in home and studio situations, a fresh array of fidelities and ideas previously unexplored have been mined and documented. New contributions from the elusive Philip Whiteside (of Wavehead) and Drew Mcdowall (past Coil / current Mirror Eye member) expand, stretch and challenge previous working methods. In the tradition of many other past releases, Jeff Hatfield (of Cleveland, Ohio’s Fragments) makes his essential appearance as well. “Akashic Record” sees the project move on from the stripped down, primitive nature of the old into a more urgent, fractured and aggressive set of reality based compositions.

    The work was created based on the events of others in mind; those doomed to circumstances beyond predictability or imagination.

  • imaginary softwoods – indigo – dangerous age

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    “Indigo” is a collection of old tape demos harking back as far as 2009, collaged into two side long pieces. Outtake material from “Eight” to “The Path of Spectrolite” included. Never before seen glimpses into the Forest of Light, brought to you via the Suncoast Digest.

    DA – CS 002 arrives with imprinted white shells, pro-printed j-cards and professionally duplicated cassettes in a limited edition of 50 copies.

  • lilypad – signal longings – wagon

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    Edition of 44 hand numbered copies.
    Bluish-green card insert, with gold and black paint spattered. No text.
    handpainted covers