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  • jonas frederiksen – 360 – light tapes

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    light tapes 05
    reissue of cdr originally put out by relax with nature.
    dream zone, hovering in the twilight consciousness between wake and sleep.
    long loved at tomentosa hq; a frequent soundtrack to mornings where the mist is hanging on the mountains and the landscape is drenched in a diffuse damp light.
    limited to 25 copies

  • encounter – codename: eve – relax with nature

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    This is the soundtrack to the pilot episode of ENCOUNTER.

    Comes with outtakes from the original manuscript.
    -relax with nature

  • steel advance pt. I – steel street – relax with nature

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    Library Ruins
    Steel Alley
    Nuclear Boulevard
    -The trybe is out
    -the Subterranean castle ‘Boomerang’ belongs to the Harlequin Gang. It is a subterranean maze accessible from the boulevard subway enterance one must use great caution here.
    One should not seek this premisis without permission. Alas it is said the jesters and harlequins hold the key to the remaining pages of the public library.
    -relax with nature

  • encarta – relax with nature

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    Jonas Frederiksen
    1. Last Educational Center
    2. Digitized Adrenaline

    Plot Summary:
    After the Y2K breakdown the knowledge distribution system along with everything else broke down leaving people short on information.
    A group of surviving European scientists settle in the Egyptian Desert, in the ancient shadow of the Library of Alexandria, in hopes of recreating a suitable system for recollecting and redistributing knowledge.
    Intentions are good but unknown phenomena occurs when salvaged knowledge and information is viewed in a new light, juxtaposed ideas and objects find ways to merge.
    The scientists marvel at the new discoveries but the joy is soon replaced by fear as hasty experiments gives way to pleasures unbalanced to nature and the human mind.Red. December 09 and December 10 at HTS, Amager, Copenhagen
    -relax with nature

  • jonas frederiksen – keeper of encarta – relax with nature

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    I Scan and retrieve fluids from unkown lifeform
    II Escaped fluid entity
    III Making of Intelligence vial

    HTS, Amager, Copenhagen