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  • gareth flowers and josh mason – silent period – sunshine ltd

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    Silent Period’ follows the arc of a long night/early morning following an unknown event that has led an enigmatic main character into self-exile. The four movements of the album mirror four different and specific states of being related to the protagonist’s experience and expectation: uneasiness, confusion, fear and relief.

    SUN027 | LP | Edition of 250

  • josh mason – dark thread & other colors – sem

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    Once, Josef Albers wrote “We are able to hear a single tone. But almost never (that is, without special devices) see a single color unconnected and unrelated to other colors. Colors present themselves in continuous flux, constantly related to changing neighbors and changing conditions.”

    And once I was told that “the dark threads are needed in order to accentuate other colors.” When woven together, the proper contrast is set in place.

    Maybe, terrible things exist to amplify the good…and maybe they don’t. Either way, the bright tends to be brighter.

  • josh mason – conduit – scissor tail editions

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    Edition of 50 (C30) Pro Dubbed Cassettes

    “within a year’s time, a mother sleeps and a baby is born.”

    untitled (for ruth) 14:02
    untitled (for amy) 11:41

    for guitars, tape loops & computers

  • josh mason – the symbiont – sunshine ltd

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    Inspired in part by two Quiroga short stories, the side length movements on ‘The Symbiont’ finds Mason musing on anxiety, nerves and an artistically centered life. Processed guitars and electronics ebb and flow—following the tides of rivers and the buzzing of groves. Mastered by James Plotkin.
    Edition of 100—Clear
    -sunshine ltd

  • perspectives / josh mason – split – permanent nostalgia

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    After excavating concurrent sonic paths for the past decade, ancient friends Josh Mason, Josh Tippery and Kyle Conklin have finally come together on this tape; almost like they planned it this way all along… Perspectives present a slightly more developed sound than we are accustomed, while Josh Mason continues to fiddle with space-time, vibrating us into the next plane.

    reversible inserts & label art by Josh Mason. mastering & dubs by permanent nostalgia HQ.

    Edition of 48