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  • kplr – tek no muzik – crazy iris


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    Recorded 8-10-10 in Santa Cruz, CA by Dexter Birghtman and Jair Espinoza.

    Mastered at Aardvark Mastering, CO.

  • kplr – mazchine muzik – soundholes

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    “Relentless synthesiser and electronics work down from this duo that keep hitting the highs. Another dynamic set from the laboratory. Pulsing rhythms and deep bass would sound perfect at your local industrial disco.”
    Edition of 88
    Released 2011

  • kplr – voltaic fits – draft tapes

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    KPLR takes synth music and electronics to a new extreme. This San Francisco based duo blends analog electronics with digital processing to create an odd cutup of semi-random, sometimes harsh, particles of sound. KPLR ventures into cold, uninhabited, automated realms that seem to shift focus from one second to the next. Voltaic Fits moves like a free jazz drummer at maximum speed, but sounds like a computer OD’n on amperes.
    KPLR (pronounced Kepler after the Kepler Mission) is Dexter Brightman and Jair Espinoza.
    [C30 TAPE :: pro-dubbed, labeled, edition of 100]