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  • kyle landstra / braeyden jae – split – geology records

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    A. Kyle Landstra – The Sun and Moon of Our Seasons
    B. Braeyden Jae – Self Wished

  • kyle landstra – jeweled moon codex – inner islands

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    “Core-of-the-self meditations affected by a long winter, emotions waxing and waning with the cycles of the moon.”

    Recorded in February and March of 2016 in a live setting without overdubs by use of Yamaha QY100, Waldorf Micro Q, Yamaha TX802, and Roland JV2080 coupled with a Line 6 Echo Pro and Alesis Midiverb II for effects.

    Mastered by Kevin Hein.
    Artwork by Sean Conrad.

    Music for swinging doors.

  • bastian void / kyle landstra – split – lilerne tapes

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    It’d be hard for me to pick a better combo of rippers to wind down 2015 with than the two on this tape. Joseph Bastardo’s Bastian Void project has been blowing me away for quite some time, and these new compositions are some of my favorites to date. His contribution to the split is an energetic and immersive world of hypnotic synth lines and beautifully arranged rhythms. It’s rare to hear music that is as transcendent as it is present and demanding of one’s attention. Real otherworldly areas—the perfect exercise playlist for a workout in space or some true headphone therapy. Landstra’s ability to be a prolific performer and recorder without sacrificing quality or emotional impact is what’s drawn me to his work. His side is the perfect comedown after the flight. Warm melodies and pulsating layers of synthesizer come and go, meeting together and dissipating, creating a satisfying sense of cathartic movement. Truly human and emotional work translated through electronics. This tape is a knockout! Edition of 75 homedubbed Type II/Chrome cassettes. Artwork and printing by Joseph Bastardo.

  • kyle landstra / gardener / difference clouds / villages – skyward territories – baro records

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    Kyle Landstra
    I. Upon a Field of Suspended Orbs
    Recorded on November 30th, 2014 in one live session
    Composed for a show at Space Oddities in Chicago, IL. on November 18th utilizing an Ensoniq ESQ-1, Waldorf Blofeld, and Roland Juno 106 with effects

    I. Alive in the Living Room
    II. The Eyes Glister
    written and performed by dash lewis using modular synthesizer, voice, and pedals
    Kirikou the dog featured on “Alive in the Living Room”
    Recorded to tape in November and December 2014 at home in Chicago, IL.

    Difference Clouds
    I. Diet Gaiden
    II. Kuang Grade
    III. Void Conjecture (Memory)
    IV. Mobius Return
    V. Desert Scene
    Korg 03R/W, Yamaha DX11, samples, computer arranged

    I. Old Chants
    II. Thin Line of Shadow
    III. Vacant Vast Surrounding
    IV. Departure
    Recorded and performed by Ross Gentry – August/September 2014

    Mastered by Odd Nosdam at BurnoCo, Berkeley
    Collages by Colin Blanton
    Layout by Kevin Hein

  • kyle landstra – dream array – twin springs tapes

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    Enter into a lucid passage of dreams – presented here with improvised, temperate tones by synthesist Kyle Landstra (Chicago, IL).

    ‘Dream Array’ was initially conceived as a commissioned piece for artist Nathan Abels to accompany his show on june 13th, 2014 at Hinterland Gallery in Denver, Colorado entitled ‘West with the Night’.

    This piece was to match the mood and tone of Nathan’s work in a loosely spun journey through the breath of a dream. This cassette is the entirety of the track that is split between two sides which totals approximately 60 minutes.

  • the original flowering earth / kyle landstra – split – sic sic tapes

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    The Original Flowering Earth
    recorded July – December 2013 in Manitou Springs, Brooklyn and Chicago … with the windows open.

    Kyle Landstra:
    recorded in june of 2013 in an improvised and live setting utilizing a roland juno 106 and a korg ms2000 with pedals

  • kyle landstra – soul reflector – s.i.n.k.

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    Kyle continues his impressive run of emotionally engaging synth drift. Pensive focus for respite and reflection – heal thyself.

    ‘recorded in 2012 and 2013
    in a live setting with
    a roland juno 106, korg ms2000, loops, and effects.

    honest, long-form recordings
    created with the intention to
    help the listener engage in a
    relaxed and tranced state.’
    released 02 March 2014
    Music by Kyle Landstra
    Art by Jimmy Billingham

  • kyle landstra – resonant futures – moss archive

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    Subconsciously perceivable in Kyle Landstra’s latest release, is a sense of spacial awareness. Resonant Futures transports the listener to a vast landscape that stretches in all directions. Feel the oscillations flow over the horizon, through the valleys and into your spirit. There are specific techniques used to obtain this effect, which give these recordings a sense of weight and depth.

    Kyle’s recent live sets around Chicago have been gaining a reputation for being a transcendent, spiritual adventure. Resonant Futures was recorded live in an improvised setting, creating an album that feels like a truly intimate yet boundless experience.

    Hand-stamped edition of 50. Designed, printed, assembled, and dubbed at Moss Archive. Printed on recycled card-stock.

  • kyle landstra – field studies

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    Monumental, enraptured synthesizer drone pours from the hands of this young Midwestern healer. With simple tools Landstra pulls celestial chorales from background consciousness into presentness. Realized in the moment–both live and in solo reflection–these sessions of personal exploration are as devotional as they are elegiac, joyful as they are solemn. Composition through active meditation.
    Edition of 60, pro-dubbed on chrome

  • kyle landstra / subtle body – split – tranquility tapes

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    On this split, two Juno warriors operating on elevated levels offer meditative synth passages to help align your Chakras. Kalamazoo’s Kyle Landstra starts off with deep, steady drones that aim straight for the mind’s furthest reaches. His sidelong piece drones mightily and shifts subtly, with each slight filter tweak and affectation breathing new life into the proceedings. Subtle Body, aka Asheville’s Joe Moresi, answers with three airy and contemplative passages that are a perfect melodic counterpoint to Landstra’s burrowing drones. At once sad and uplifting, each piece can be heard as an acknowledgement of the inevitable reality of death while celebrating the complex beauty of the life that came before it. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.