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  • lief hall – transform – phinery tapes

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    “Lief Hall is a multi­media artist and musician from Vancouver, Canada and currently living in Berlin. As one half of Canadian ‘femme noir’ pop duo MYTHS, Hall toured with Grimes in 2012 and composed an electronic opera. Her solo music has developed out of a practice in audio­visual performance art and experimental vocal composition. Hall’s album Voices (2014) featured her work as an experimental vocalist, use looping and layering to evoke dreamlike sonic landscapes that explore harmony, dissonance, texture, tone and rhythm. Hall’s most recent EP, Transform, marks a new direction in her solo work. Its dark electronic pop aesthetic merges the experimental dance music sensibility of MYTHS with layered vocal harmonies, exploring themes of love, identity, and fear in a post­human world.”

    -ICAS Festival

  • lief hall – voices – phinery tapes

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    Cassette reissue of her self released 2014 album.

    Voices is a series of compositions by Lief Hall which transform the voice through looping and layering, to evoke ethereal and dreamlike sonic landscapes which explore harmony, dissonance, texture, tone and rhythm.