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  • listening mirror – the heart of the sky – bathetic records

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    UK-based artist Jeff Stonehouse veils himself quietly under the moniker Listening Mirror to create a vaporous, drifting wall of subtle ambiance and spirited drones. This is the heaviest of washed out texture, blissful, and sweeps across you like an autumn wind. Guitar tones stretch for miles into wisps lost in the ether, plucking keys disintegrate in the ground below your feet, field recordings blanket the expansive sound with worldly aura.

    The Heart Of The Sky comes based around field recordings from a trip Stonehouse took to mexico, and therein he works to recreate the general tenor and aesthetic he found. The recordings, taken from a variety of zones — a porch overlooking Mexico City, a shore of an inland lake at Tequesquitengo — evoke the mood of a beautiful country.

    Also, featured on the track “Mixtli Sleeps” is Alicia Merz, better known as Birds Of Passage (who just so happens to have a cassette release in the works for Bathetic, as well) adds her gorgeous vocals, helping to send what was already beautiful into an otherworldly realm of enchanting virtuosity.