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  • long distance poison – mirror totality – moss archive

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    Brooklyn-based deep zone trio, Long Distance Poison return with a slow-burner in the truest sense. Sounds so massive they were literally shredding my tapes at first. On Mirror Totality we are presented with two dense, throbbing synapse clouds for us to wrap our heads around… Or do they wrap around our heads?

    Those familiar with LDP’s previous offerings on labels such as Digitalis, VCO, Constellation Tatsu and Tusco Embassy might be surprised by this shift from their usual cascading of meditative shadow, to a new sound that pulsates with a seething energy. One imagines misfiring synapses and squelching brain fluids. These meticulously crafted pieces of analog sound will surely sink deep into the crevasses of the mind.

    Hand-stamped edition of 50. Designed, printed, assembled, and dubbed at Moss Archive. Printed on metallic card-stock.