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  • lost trail – a retreat more than a surrender – geology records

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    On A Retreat More Than A Surrender, Lost Trail pull off the trick of writing post apocalyptic music that transcends. This is music for the moment when humanity takes a deep breath and says, “Since we’re starting over anyway, let’s do things differently this time.” There is darkness here, but there is a lot more light. Nothing is fucked forever.

  • lost trail – other burlington – twin springs tapes

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    I awoke to a summer evening already tinged with the sad gold of swiftly approaching autumn. Every bird in the towering oaks was whispering “Come see, come see.” They led me in escort to an unfamiliar neighborhood, past the boarded-up mansions, past the crumbling mills, past the train cars sitting slumped and rusted on un-used sidings. The air shifted, the world tilted imperceptibly on its axis, and all grew hushed and chilled. At the wooded void of a dead-end street at dusk, I glanced in my rearview to find the backseat of my little car teeming with spirits, pure refractions of light and dark jostling for the seatbelts. What else could I do but bring them home, to the shadowy reaches and unmapped hollows of our own halls? With their consent, I recorded their stories on tape, though their ephemeral nature distorts and damages all attempts to capture their voices. Listen close. This is the music we’ve made while reaching across the threshold and clasping hands. – Lost Trail

  • lost trail – names outlive their moments – psi lab

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    ZACHARY and DENNY WILKERSON CORSA have been proliferating their “ambient / drone / experimental / ethereal noise project” since 2010 – this is their 35th album, approximately – if you consider their EPs and splits then this lands a lot closer to their 100th release, and with each new work they become more and more one of the most crucial musicmakers my ears have ever heard, and this is without question one of their absolute best yet, tilting toward the noisy shoegazing end of their spectrum with torrents of grayed out distortion, wisps of angelic tones & wistful melodies