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  • lou gigger – music & noise

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    guitar, bass, roland drumatix and voice by lou gigger

    side a music for people who hate vocalists 44.24
    side b music for people who hate music 40.55

    play it loud, play it often, play if for your friends

    avoid meaningless daily trivia: take time to do what is important

    “I happened to be over at paul and rafi’s(aswara/death chants/muntjac) house a month or two ago
    and was talking about some recent new age/private press tapes i had picked up on a journey through eastern tennesse.
    It came out that paul’s brother had a few tapes put out posthumously many years back.
    Paul’s brother had been active in a few bands around the dc/maryland in the early 80s
    The only release from a band called “braille party” which put out one record in 84
    Sadly Lou passed away in a car crash in 1988.
    These tapes had been recorded shortly before Lou passed away and were put together and released by friends and family & then distributed with paul’s family retaining a small number of copies.

    Shortly thereafter talking with Paul i got copies of the two tapes and was pretty excited about some of the sounds contained on both tapes.
    Im not sure a detailed description could accurately describe these two tapes as there’s a lot going on here,
    both tapes are definitely rooted in their time; with the guitar at times definitely reminding you of the tapes release year, but both tapes go way beyond that and get into some interesting & beautiful territory with definite ties to current underground tape sounds.
    most folks who follow tomentosa know i get most excited about the smaller diy stuff that comes through, the rawer, the closer to full on bedroom/home recordings so Ive been really glad to get a glimpse into the sounds Lou was exploring a quarter century ago

    Sound quality is great, tapes have stickers & inserts and are close to brand new shape.

    Im really excited to get these tapes out into the world for folks to hear.
    Quite thankful to Paul and his family for digging up copies of these and letting me help distribute them.”

  • lou gigger – ambience

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    ambience :for people who hate distractions

    side a 16.30 – insomnia cure / d. space / winter again
    side b 17.22 – rain song / chronic in acute world

    avoid meaningless daily trivia: take time to do what is important