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  • m sage – a singular continent – patient sounds

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    “Something about True North has always baffled idealists. Tectonic plates established to guide the clearer top layer. Fragments of a desired truth, liberated; landscape untouched by the human condition, no need for compass. An English road pierces the jungle. An African herd grazes at the shore of the North Sea. Finding joy in the randomization of manipulation; the globe was slowly reformed from its pieces. Listen again, and I will not think the same. I changes. The compass tilts, constantly.”

    Initially composed by Matthew Sage in early 2013, the core of this recording utilizes guitars, electronics, samples & field recordings; channeling ambient, hauntological and plunderphonic curiosities. The central material was then elaborated upon, proliferated upon, populated and redefined by a group of musicians (violinist, cello, saxophone, synth, guitars, iron). A Singular Continent stands as a collection of amorphous sonic vistas & lucid environments. History laughs like a jilted map.

    The album, a 2xLP, is accompanied by four poems written by Grant Souders (one lends a line to the album’s title) & a series of collages by Nathaniel Whitcomb (one graces the album’s cover). These works strive to further realize the elusive borders of this non-place through language and imagery.

  • m. sage – limit invitations – exo tapes

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    limited edition of 25

  • hakobune / m sage – split – patient sounds

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    Two ambient producers (Hakobune / M. Sage) seperated by a myriad distance (Japan / USA), but connected by their curiousities. When melody and texture interact with emotion, or how. Pastoral waves of tone sweep across a prairie, banjo stroke, or the pine forest choir. A statue, a life crushed by centuries of listening, momentary shadows cast on plaster.

    FULL COLOR 2sided JCARD, morning sky c30 csst, color labels

  • m. sage – ceiling (acoustic) – patient sounds

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    Inspired by free roam modal jazz percussion soul, american primitive guitar stylings, and glitch and noise, Ceiling (Acoustic) is a confetti cut paper guitar snowflake. 100% acoustic sound source processed through CPU and retimed/edited to create improvisational technology feelings. A colorful, jazz inspired country recording? Or a challenging tape of noise music whose source material is culled from home-crafted. americana

    edt 50 / sherbert c30 / full color jcard and labels

  • m sage – the receivers peaking – patient sounds

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    Depicted here is the raised hand of an obscured preacher, hovering above rows of urban housing. A striking concept that runs deep into the fervor and punk ethos that M. Sage has been cultivating via ambient and sound collage for years. For the uninitiated, M. Sage is a man out of Fort Collins who crafts grand, aural impressions while simultaneously running his exceptional imprint Patient Sounds. His most recent work and Moon Glyph debut is “The Receivers Peaking”, a conceptual and auditory abstraction of AM radio clips, looped field recordings, processed guitar and serene, pensive composition. As a progressive and prolific worker, M. Sage deconstructs our surroundings and shows us his shimmering utopia that could have been.

  • m sage / sunpack – split – patient sounds

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    Niki Smith (Sun Pack) and M (atthew) Sage are old friends. This split tape is a token of their friendship as it’s changed over the last 8 years. Niki’s songs sway and swoon: lush ambient dirges and lilting melodies. Sage investigates sound collage as memory trace: quiet to loud, fast movers and slow bakers. Ecstatic new punk rules and slow melody.

  • m sage – lux collapsing – patient sounds

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    martin albertz: electric guitar (8)
    tiffanie collins: flute (4/7)
    aaron landgraf: electric guitar (2/7)
    allison sheldon: cello (2/7/8)

    recorded at the briar plateaux
    fort collins, colorado
    may-august 2012

    limited edition locked groove lathe cut series
    also released on patient sounds intl
    lathes cut by meep records . denver, co.

  • wellington downs – peak behind the window

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    WELLINGTON DOWNS is Matthew Sage. He uses this moniker to explore different ideas within the confines of various home-studio/recording arrangements. These sessions took place in Milliken, Colorado…in Matthew’s parent’s basement. See and hear the Welli’s travel further into spacious, nervous shoegaze, experimental pop and post-punk guitar anthems.

  • m. sage – camouflage repertoire

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    Recorded in March & May of 2012 at the Briar Plateaux, Camouflage Repertoire finds Sage occupying the dimly lit afternoon hours of sound. A lonely houseplant. A suburban window’s gaze. Guitar and one microphone. Electronics. Minimal voice. Tracked to cassette. A collection of ambient fragments and field recordings made for a spacious disappearing early evening.