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  • sean mcdonald – more tales of – mmm sound

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    “follow up (check up) to my feelings after recording the first “tales”. in need of constant reminders? sometimes. and then you remember all there ever was, again

    recorded using all voice in a woods house outside of gainesville, florida.”

  • sean mcdonald – tales of – mmm sound

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    “a tackle both gentle, and harsh. not a push in the right direction, because there is no direction. no path, just presense. mind was altered at birth. oh, and do i say mmm? yes, all the time. behind either tears or laughter, it’s all that remains. a calm, a calamity, and then
    all there ever was.

    recorded using all voice, with the exception of a handful of samples.

  • mannateas – everglade – housecraft

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    As much as we would have liked to see this go to vinyl, after nearly two years patience has worn thin. For now, enjoy this limited edition. Sean McDonald & Jeffry Astin stir the pot down gladed channels pulling up the nets holding god-knows-what; we may never see them again. Label art by Allison Astin. Mastered by Sean McCann.