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  • maria minerva – cabaret cixous – nnf

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    Estonian Euro-beat enchantress Maria Juur aka Maria Minerva has had a lively 2011 already — releasing a chic suite of glamour-pop abstractions via her debut, Tallinn At Dawn, as well as a sultry, sideways bedroom disco EP (Noble Savage) on 100% Silk. But time is money and money talks (or something) so rather than let a hot streak go cold Ms. Maria has crafted a fresh 11-song dream ride down fascination street, which we’re pumped and proud to unveil: Cabaret Cixous. Apparently there’s a tradition/inside joke amongst a fringe strain of Estonian bands where you have to name yr album something with ‘cabaret’ in the title, but regardless of one’s knowledge of this micro-custom, Cab Cixous is a gorgeous, gauzy thrill, slip-streaming from cracked-crystal karaoke pop singles (‘These Days,’ ‘Ruff Trade,’ ‘Soo High’) to slow-motion synth-washed ballads (‘Lovecool,’ ‘Spiral’) to radical miscellzanies (the alien soundsystem banger, ‘Laulan Paikse Kaes,’ a cellphone-fidelity Abba cover, etc) and beyond. A beautiful, bizarre record, full of the weird vision and hazed-out soulfulness that’s everything we love about music.” Includes glossy one-sided color insert.

  • maria minerva – tallinn at dawn

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    Get used to this name. Maria Minerva swept down out of the clouds to our digital doorstep with several albums worth of her breathtaking bedroom fantasia silk-pop and we were smitten. The Estonian-born, London-residing synth-songstress traverses too much terrain to box her into one basic style grid and Tallinn At Dawn, her NNF debut, offers 10 points of proof. There’s lovesick alien dancehall anthems (“Strange Things Are Happening In My Room,” “10 Little Rock Chix Listening to Neu!”), 90s-ized satin-sheets dream ballads (“California Scheming,” “Unchain My Heart”), lo-fi Young Marble Giants-y instrumentals (“Stairs To Nowhere,” “Tallinn At Dawn,”), all tied together with beautiful eroticized waterfalls of Maria’s deeply-delayed vocals. There’s shades of warped Cocteau Twins cassettes, early Nite Jewel, and obscure Tokyo art-pop side projects but Minerva’s vibe is ultimately too homegrown and hermetic for simple aesthetic comparisons and that’s a huge reason (among many) why we love it so. Scope her 100% Silk 12” for another prize piece in the MM puzzle. Pro-dubbed olive tapes in retro-portrait J-cards designed by Manda B Brown. Edition of 150.